Q: How often will you be reporting to me regarding progress of my website?

We have a set of skilled project managers trained to deliver you daily reports on your project progress and reports. We make it our dire duty to update it regularly to always keep you on the track. Almost everyday you will find a daily report on small size projects to large size projects through e-mail communication. Also, feel free to call your assigned Project Manager, we are happy beings that love to keep you always in loop regarding your project progress.

Q: Do I require a full time SEO?

A:Honestly the SEO landscape took an 1800 shift post Penguin update. Before that you required a full-time SEO, now with Penguin Update since 2012, Google has become much smarter and is able to easily detect the natural link building and artificial link building.

But with that On-page optimization also require professionals. For which we have expert SEO team that inbound research your website and makes it SEO friendly.We optimize factors such as Title, Meta Tags, HI, H2, H3, w3c validated html, CSS & Alt tag on images, loading and speed and so much more.

So, you see it is not easy to get you the first page organic results. Depending on your needs, your sales objective and competition we are able to materialize your needs into what services will be better- Full time SEO or Part time.

Q: Do you provide promotional content writing to improve visibility of a website on the web?

A: We are one of the finest pools of content writers globally found. We are professional, skilled and research driven. We have experience of writing promotional and informative content fueled with keywords for about all the leading industrial verticals. With our SEO-friendly content development approach and fact embedded writing techniques we are able to generate a more circulated presence for you on web with improved link building.

Q: I have a logo I want it to be redesigned, does Orionators do it?

A:Yes, we will redesign your logo. Kindly forward your logo requirements, vision,present logo images, and specific details if you have any.

You can check our logo design packages here

Q: License, copyright and ownership terms
A: Orionators is a digital marketing and communication agency that has a wide variety of branding, advertisement and development services. In our fabricated client-engagement business models, we offer our clients the rights as for:
Exclusive Rights:

Clients hiring Orionators under ‘exclusive rights’ model win all rights on the work performed inclusive of source code, design and documents.

We don’t resell the same code, design or documentation to other clients. However, we can work on similar projects, rebuild software applications for other clients.

Non-exclusive Rights:

Clients that get the non-exclusive right engagement model in agreement with Orionators, we have the rights to resell the code, design, document etc. to other clients.

The client can use the work on multiple domains governed by the client. However, client cannot resell the work delivered by Orionators. The reselling rights are preserved with Orionators.

Single Domain Non-Exclusive License (SDNEL):

Clients gets the non-exclusive rights on the work performed and Orionators can resell the code, design, documents etc. to other clients.Clients get default design as we have shown in demo, however you can order customization at an additional cost expense.

Client cannot setup the work delivered on more than the domain the license was originally provided.
Non-Exclusive Rights with Reselling Rights:

Clients have the non-exclusive rights to work perform. Orionators hold the rights to resell the codes, design, documents etc. to other clients.

Client can utilize the work on more than one platform which are owned by he/she.

The clients can resell the delivered work but cannot sell the reselling rights to other individuals or companies or entities.

Q: What are the different payment options available?

A:We have made your payments easy and secure. We use PayPal to ensure the security of your bank details and payments to Orionators.  Click the Link to make payment __________ (or learn how to make payment).