Media Relations

Building lasting Media Relations with leading Media Outlets

The whole foundation of your online repute depends on the way you manage your PR and Media relations. And to win it all, you can never be ignorant.

Orionators Media Relation Management Services

The right Media Relations agency knows the benefits of media relations includes; informing your most potent audience about your organizations policies, mission, practices in a positive and beneficent way. And we do exactly that. 

Media Relations is all about influencing the influencers to positively impact the audience. For this you need the master puppeteer that can pull the right strings in the leading media outlets to deliver the desired reactions. 

At Orionators, thus, we centralize our Media Relations and engagement practices to promote your positive image in public with effective coverage in multi-mediated mass communication environment. This access to small and large target audience helps in brand building process, supporting and mechanizing a positive public opinion towards your organization. 

We ‘ace’ building Media Relations Strategy for the following:

Launching new products and Services
New Financial Goals
Sponsored Events, Promotions and Awards
Promotional Campaigns
Brand Repositioning
Promotions at the grassroot level
Community Engagement