Social Media Verification


Get the Blue Verification Badge on your Facebook and Instagram Accounts!

We believe you have what it takes to get social media verification on Facebook and Instagram, but it is a fact it is not possible with the kind of social media and PR presence you have right now. Hire Orionators making your blue tick verification a cakewalk.

How to get verified on Instagram and Facebook easily? Of course, by Hiring Orionators!

Orionators is a social media verification services provider digital marketing company that can help you overall in revamping your online and offline presence to a much more anticipated position. 

Brand building is an elongated process and when you dream blue verification badge, trust the experts it is not going to be easy and there are no shortcuts. 

PR, regular social media posts, online reputation management, a solid website or an online portfolio, your authentication proofs. But first things first, we need to do an audit of all that is already on your social media accounts.  

Phew… There is so much to do on our side. But you know what it if you have got the talent and uniqueness deserving that social media badge of honor consider it done. We do Social Media Verification Services for Facebook and Instagram for Musicians, Celebs, Public Figures, Corporates. 

Why despite all this trouble, Social Media Verification is worth all the pain?

The Undeniable Trust Factor!
It is hard and it is not bestowed to just everyone, your blue tick verification speaks for itself about your authenticity.
 Get official you are Awesome!
With authenticity comes the officialization and no copycat accounts can compete with the power of the blue verification badge.
Not chit-chat, converse as a brand!
Becoming a brand has a lot to do with the social media too, you gotta have a powerful social media voice and blue tick is a part of it.
People know the real you got a blue tick!
Don’t let copycats steal the thunder, remember the times when many celebs had to face embarrassment because of some imitator, get shield.