10 Tips for Running a Successful PR Campaign in 2019

Monday, April 18th, 2016

A PR campaign is important for brand reputation management. It has long-lasting effects and your public image is either formulated or completely destroyed. The word destroyed when we choose is not an exaggeration. Rather it befits the power of “making and breaking” a brands reputation of PR and online reputation management.

A well-planned PR campaign thus is a levier of public image and high brand positioning. And most importantly it doesn’t revolve just around an online press release of a new product launch or a fundraiser. You need to gallop to promulgate the desired image among the global audience.

So, before we move forward and learn how to do that, “why you need PR the most in 2019”

  • To attract national and international media attention
  • Boost your sales
  • Create positive relationship between the company and public
  • To help you in crisis management, and more

But it isn’t going to be easy to achieve all this. A PR campaign has to endow some qualities to ensure the positive image building churn up. As one of the best digital PR agencies of the world, we thought why not pen down 10 tips for running a successful PR campaign in 2019, a PR 101.

So let’s begin the exploration:

What Exactly is PR Strategy?

“A public relation campaign is a focused awareness raising media and communication activity that can be done for the product, public figure, company, enterprise or so. The job implies effective and accurate news distribution on local, regional, national and international platforms which in the wake of the internet also includes digital PR.

It has an object of reaching a large audience and improving brand reputation. In order to achieve it efficiently, it becomes necessary to communicate the message to the audience in a strategic way and that objectified mediated communication plan is PR Strategy.”

Features of an Effective PR Campaign are:

1. Set a Goal, its Limitations, and Metric of Success

What is the aim of all this hard work? Always try to approach to see a bigger picture and that is your goal. What is your major goal to achieve by your PR campaign – ask questions like: do you want a new user base to attract? Do you need to reinstate the relationship with your users? Do you want to simply boost your sales?

Once you have set your big-picture goal, then you begin to start narrowing it down and your questions become more filtered. For example: what product you want to boost your sales for? What should be your brand should portray? Does the budget justify your needs? How much time will it take to completely achieve your goals?
These questions will decide your roadmap for digital and traditional PR.

2. How well do you know your audience?

Every message that you create highly depends upon what audience it is for. How you want to deliver your PR message, what should be the crux of it, who should receive it and in fact what platform you must choose to reach the audience easily.

For example: if you are wanting to promote a product or launching it and the niche audience is people between 12-30 years, there is hardly any chance you will find this core audience on traditional platforms. Likewise is for the message creation, you will create a campaign that expresses a young and youthful message and demonstrate the value brand conveys in their lives.

3. Is the platform right?

Like we said earlier, even if you have created a downright message, it is useless unless you are able to distribute it on the right channels. PR mix or marketing mix is thus an important concept. Every PR and Media agency must decide the target persona to choose a preferred platform.

4. Discover your creative angle

Of course, there is no guarantee to anything, but still, small news or a story can create a gigantic buzz when done interestingly. You just need to find the creative angle. Nobody wants to read the old and dead set news, interesting narration and a little twist can do it all.

5. Writing it!

You can ask a journalist for the help or you can take examples of interesting new narrations available online. Study how you can zest up the news a bit without disturbing the whole point. It is important to convey the message but it doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

6. Distribute Wisely

Once you are done with finding the news angle, you can now carry on to distribution. Send your story to local TV or radio station, tap digital media. Research the media companies, visit their websites their outreach, industries they are successful in providing value to.

7. Build Relationships with Journalists

Always have foresight for tomorrow. Long-term relations in media industries are cherished mostly. Start building relationships with journalists during your campaign. It is important that you are in contact with influencers and your story is going to the right desk. Identify those popular journalists that work in your particular niche, email chat, call or even social media platforms are a way to reach out a reliable journalist.

8. Link Building

Now post distribution and the hype you get from your news distribution it becomes important that you are getting a long term boost for your business. You can check out your news on Google news or Fresh Web Explorer or even set up an alert for the news. You should start its promotions on other platforms too for the link building process and more hype.

9. Social Shares

Very close to link building, social media outlets help you promote and get unexpected reach on the social media channels. It is one of the most effective ways to attract a large audience to your campaign. Consider the odds you are reaching some thousand on one platform but when you have social media to back its promotion you get access to millions of online users.

10. Company blog post

Through social media, paid PR, news distributions, influencer marketing, blogger outreach there are high odds people will be wanting to come to your website to see what you do what your progress is and what are your service. Increased visits on the website are very likely and it is smart to capitalize this increased traffic by again writing informative blogs on your website and use information that promotes or backs your press release.

Wrapping Up

PR is one of the most efficient ways to promote goodwill for your business or for a public figure in a large audience and with digital PR there is just no limit. But still, strategies are important and still hold the decider card. Thus we recommend you hire a professional digital marketing company like us to help you in news distribution, brand communication, Media relation management, online reputation management and much more.

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