2D Animation Video


Did You Know?

Video marketing stats show video forecasts to comprise 80% of all internet traffic by 2020. Are you working on quality video content?

Why 2d animation video is important for your business?

2d animation video: Just textual blog posts no longer cut it in 2020. Fascinating content, especially through video marketing, and in particular 2d animation videos, caters best to consumer needs.

  •       You can bring an imaginary concept to life
  •       You can give context to your ideas
  •       You can strike the right tone through adding audios
  •       Animated video can capture hard-to-represent ideas without constraints
  •       Animated videos are psychologically more appealing
  •       Video content is cost-effective
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Our Process

That makes us league apart

Understanding your initial concepts, video content marketing strategy and script is developed.

A pre-visualization using animatic is created.

Cleaning and coloring are done to achieve the final drawings.

Various scenes are composed and edited.

Voice, special effects, music, etc. are added.

Finally, a 2D model is created and animation is executed.


Did You Know?

of online shoppers say they find videos useful when making purchasing decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have doubts? We have answers!

Video is usually recorded using a camera, animation is designed and built using computers and software. If you want to create a video about laughing dogs it’s far easier to create the same than to track down dogs to film using traditional video.

Since we are a digital marketing company, we are pros in technology. Orionators is very comfortable working remotely with customers on projects. Between FTP uploads, emails, Skype and phone/web conferences, etc…you may feel like the video content agency is working right next to you.

They simplify concepts as they allow you to show people something rather than tell people something, it’s easy to explain what might otherwise be a difficult concept to understand.

Long videos do not interest the audience. If you really have a lot to say, it is usually a better plan to produce multiple videos and let the viewer choose the shorter bits of content they are most attracted to.

When Orionators will quote you, we will give you a date for completion and the final project turnaround and the same will be definitely met.

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The latest tools and techniques at Orionators are used by the expert millennial team who is oozing with innovation, creativity and fresh ideas. All the plans are made which fit accurately to the industry and the same are executed making smart timelines which involve perfect shooting time. The projects and tasks are delivered in a timely manner. Orionators is available for personal assistance 24*7 and simply wishes to make your brand grow as if it is their own. Yes! We think clients are a part of us because their success talks about our efficiency as well. We offer:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Active feedback mechanism
  • Competitive and agile service delivery
  • Deadline driven work schedules
  • Report -based analysis (monthly/weekly)


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