3 Must Have Features Which Your Website Immediately Needs!

Thursday, October 8th, 2020

From the onset of Covid 19, the world has learnt to adapt at its best with the New Normal. From online premiers of movies to digital convocations – The world has seen the power of digital. With the best digital marketing services, life has become functioning again amidst the pandemic with smoothness.

While brands are adapting new ways to mould their products and services, it’s time to modify your website too! With web design services, the online presence of businesses is becoming more superlative day by day. In 2020, the technical possibilities seem endless, and we’re seeing designers play with extremes, reinvent previous styles and ceaselessly experiment with new web development services.

So, what will the website trends which will make your brand outshine in this pandemic situation? The answer stays simple – The ones which will make people function with ease through online mediums so that they can stay home – stay safe. Physical movability is one thing masses are avoiding for sure.

Today, this blog will talk about such website features which you too can get with web design and development services if you want to succeed when the economy seems to slow down.

Let’s begin!

Home Delivery

Shopping involves much physical touch. You collect things, put them in trolleys, make payments through card or cash and the conveyance in-between gives a lot of chances and spaces for contamination. In such situations, making your website home-delivery friendly is not only the smartest thing you can do – but it will also be the most human one.

With its expert team of eCommerce website development services, Orionators made it possible for Miraj Supermarket to go online. For anyone who does not want to take the risk of stepping outside the house, who is in-home quarantine, who does not have a conveyance facility, who does not have time, or is simply feeling lazy – will always prefer a brand offering home delivery over the one who does not!

To discern the newest trends early on, you’ll need help from the experts, go for our web design and development services. 

One That Gives The Option Of Trial

Let’s take the example of Lenskart to understand this feature. Never can one imagine buying a pair of spectacles until he or she has tried the frame. Unless urgent, a buyer puts decent time and patience to select the piece which would suit his or her face and personality. To solve this issue, Lenskart came up with a Virtual trail option. You can not only find a wide range of styles of frames and different types of glasses on Lenskart; you could even try the ones you like.

Moreover, at a shop you would be hesitant to try 50 specs for 2 hours, on the website – you know that no one would judge you.

Adding such user-friendly features to your website will always give you an edge over your competitors. With website development services, get such loyalty fetching features if your product also demands the same.

Give tailor-made experiences

Masses are extremely concerned about their well-being as of now, and hence the service sector has to make sure that they give the safety and security clientele is expecting. If a person wants to know about you, he or she will visit your website in the first place.

For instance, if a man wants to go on a small weekend, getaway and searches “best resorts” on Google, what do you think will make him trust your resort? Google rankings are the primary aspect of judgement, but once he clicks on your website link, you have to make an impression of your services.

Give the liberty to the client to tell you in advance how he or she would like the service and give results which align with the same.

Recently, Orionators’ web design and development services made such a website for a client. The same is going to be a revolutionary addition in the world of websites. Make sure you join hands with such innovations and reap long-lasting benefits.

Still have not figured out how to make your business a hit in the online world? Don’t know how to get the trust of the target audience? How can you make sure the maximum people buy from your website when they are all preferring to stay home? – contact Orionators to get your dream website changes made!

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