5 Link Building Tactics 2019 that actually Work for your Small Business

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

Our opening statement would be “Link Building is Hard” and you cannot ever deny that. In fact, there is nothing that truly works and nothing that doesn’t work. 

If you are feeling confused that is okay, the whole world of backlinking is. That’s why it is so effin cray hard. In fact, it is harder when you are a small business and trying to get a hold in the market. The worst part is you don’t even have someone as expert of an SEO you require and the one you have doesn’t have the knowledge. 

Also, you don’t have creative content writer’s team that can help you create a heap of content every other company would recommend you to post for link building. You don’t have money like the big sharks in the market for link building and attracting people to become a well known brand. 

However, there is still a lot of hope out there for you. You just need a dedicated team like us for guiding you throughout your SEO quest and make your link building process a hell of a lot less complicated. 

So, the first thing you need to do is, forget what you already know about link building. Now follow these new and tried and true points. 

1. Connect with Local Bloggers

Start by knowing the people who are popular and cover your city and industry. This is the way where you are able to get free content creator and you don’t have to pay money for regular content creation. 

So, since there is always a spot that is impossible to fill and there isn’t anything new happening around, you become the news for them.

Follow them on social media, subscribe to their YouTube Channel and Newsletter. Comment and share their pieces to create a genuine relationship. 

Review their content and start thinking what value can you add to their overall library. Find something that gives real value to their readers. Influencers have a huge impact on their readers. So, work out a middle ground where you help them and they help you. This will turn the table round and you will start having good mentions from blogger and micro-influencers with good domain authority to provide you reliable and strong backlink.

2. Guest Blogging for Industry-Relevant Sites

It may sound repetitive but it is one of the most effective ways to cash some backlinks. Guest blogging is an art and needs a lot of talent and effort. If you need a professional writer to create a guest blogging content for you, you can hire our professional team.

Also, the work doesn’t end there, you have to

  1. Find top sites that accept guest blogs
  2. Follow their procedure
  3. Find their editor info
  4. Hunt for best and trending topic to write about
  5. Make your pitch persuasive yet very informational
  6. Write the piece and send it. 

Guest blogging is so much better as it gives away more than just a backlink. Your guest post can help you get hold of target audience and that can help you get qualified traffic. Also, the by line is a status elevator. 

Also, since it is hard to penetrate directly to big blogging sites you can start by pitching your articles on smaller sites. So, your small business needs a regular blogging partnership which you can take over to guest blogging platforms too. Complimentary product partnering can take their referring habits to get pitched in guest blogging site.  And in return you can do the same thing for them too to give their readers value. 

3. Case Studies or Testimonials

One of the easiest ways to build links is by offering informative case studies and testimonials. The products and services that you cater are your users happy by them? That is the first thing your potential customers sought after, so provide a genuine testimony. 

It is important that your brand features case studies with scientific or measurable studies. That allows you users to make a good and informed purchase decision. 

4. Reclaim Unlinked Mentions 

Coming second from the range of easy link building tactics is reclaiming unlinked mention. So, if you hunt down, brands are mentioned each and every day online no matter big or small. 

So, what you can do is set up a free Google alert for your brand name and prominent members of your leadership team, by which you will be able to keep track on every mention of your company and people.

Post the set-up, if anyone mentions you, you get to reach out and link it. In this process you get to reach out to the people who trust you are worth a mention. So, you get to directly reach out to an interested set of people. 

Also, if it was a negative mention, don’t link them rather use it to evaluate your service and improve your ways to adapt improvement into your business. 

5. Promote your content 

Blog writing and sharing advice on your small website is good, you are already doing it. But one thing you are not doing is promoting that content. If there is anything you need to do for 2019 is knowing how to promote your content and that to beyond general sharing on social media. 

So, you can reach out to popular blogs that allow you to syndicate your content like Medium and LinkedIn. There is a large population on these platforms and thus it can be channelized into promoting your target keywords than your websites are. 

So, use the platform for your own profit. The best practices include rewriting introductions or blogs and posting it with a backlink to your website- the practice of syndication. 

Also, you get to share links to information sharing platforms like SlideShare and Quora. All you need to do is find relevant conversations and threads, that help you get relevant response.  

In those information-sharing platforms you get to show your expertise and lure audience with your knowledge. People get to directly stay in contact with you where you can link your blogs and articles for additional information.

The practice of content syndication can get you enough hype and you can start by building your name authority in the space.  You will notice that people will specifically roll in to see your response and that means traffic.

Even when no traffic, they are a good source to build links. And links are nothing but a way to boost your search ranking ultimately resulting in traffic so this way or that way, profits are in. 

What do we Learn?

So, we find that it can work for small businesses too, isn’t it? In fact, it works perfectly well. Also, if you are not willing to invest your personal time but want someone to do that for you, you can hire our professional SEO Team. Also, you can read our blog on why should you hire an SEO Agency, 10 Reasons

Also, we can’t wait to see how our mentioned tactics worked out for your business, post a comment to keep us in the loop and keep our spirits high to provide you important information on digital trends.