6 Best Ecommerce SEO Hacks to Get Insane Traffic

Thursday, August 29th, 2019

Do you remember the days when going to the shopping mall to be able to see various top-notch dresses, stationery items and gadgets, which were found only in the malls and nowhere else? It doesn’t seem that long ago, right? 

But with everything in the world is changing, this entire shopping pattern is also changing. It is estimated that the online retail sector will conquer more than 50% of the growing e-commerce sales by 2021. With this, has ended, the trend of rushing to the malls for retail shopping or even window shopping. 

With Ecommerce dominating the business sector, many people feel convinced in setting up their business online, rather than offline. But with ecommerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, etc, existing, it becomes very difficult for the smaller ecommerce businesses to reach the top and get a rank on Google. But, believe us, it is not Impossible. With E-Commerce SEO, you get traffic and attention from your prospects and see the growth of your company online. Ecommerce SEO will help you improve the rank on Google Search Results page and will get the required visibility to your website. With natural traffic hailing towards your website, you will gain the much needed visibility on the SERP. 

So, are you ready to know how to get crazy website traffic that converts? Follow the below mentioned 6 actionable steps that can improve your website’s visibility in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing:

1. Analyze correct place, correct time and correct audience:

It is of utmost importance to identify your traffic and understand their behavioral patterns. So, you can simply not do without Google Analytics. Enable the Ecommerce analytics tracking in there that allows you to measure how your users are interacting with your products. You get to get acquainted with their choices and what they are looking for and various other things like:

  1. Checkout behavior
  2. Shopping behavior
  3. Product performance
  4. Sales performance
  5. Product list performance

All these features in Enhanced analytics help you decode the deep insights of an individual buyer/prospect. You also get exposed to conversion they give, their transaction details and thus the success of your campaign.

The more the data, the better you can target. Keeping that data so gathered in mind, you will always be able to optimize your strategies like wisely.

6 SEO tips for ecommerce website

2. Keywords are crucial:

Even if you rank on the first page of Google, but if you are not ranking for the ethical reason, then that would still not get you the traffic you want. Because keyword research is a must. To be able to rank, you must prefer the long tail keyword strategy. If you go for Broad keywords, you will be facing a lot of competition. Also, you will not be able to conquer over the bigger part of your target audience. So, standing by “Riches are in niches”, you must choose to play around your long tail keywords. If you are a beginner, and are clueless about how and where to start with the keyword research, feel free to look at your competitors keyword data and other competitive keyword research tools, to get an idea.

6 SEO tips for ecommerce website

3. Competitor Analysis:

First things first, identify 4 competitors that your website is competing with. Take help from SEMrush or Google. Create a report considering the following topics:

  1. Evaluate what your competitors’ successful campaigns or strategies. Identify where they failed and what they must have not done
  2. Make a document comparing your pricing with that of your competitors in the same categories. Check out the frequency with which they offer discounts and how they promote their products
  3. Take a keen note of the message your competitors are conveying in the market with their brand
  4. Know the keywords your competitors are ranking for, and how you can inculcate the use of those keywords
  5. Prepare an SEO audit realizing the SEO elements of your competitor’s website. Pay attention to:
  • Heading tags
  • Meta description
  • Page titles
  • Robots.txt
  • Load time
  • Content

6 SEO tips for ecommerce website

4. Site Structure:

Be clear with the structure of your website and make sure that your navigation structure is well planned. Having an intuitive design makes it convenient for your users to traverse through your site. Use Google Analytics to know how traffic is going through the web pages on your site. Review the navigation summary which allows you to select the starting page and then see where users went to next after that page.

Implementing Breadcrumbs will give user a direction as to where they have to flow on website next. You must also pay attention to creating user-friendly URL and structure them. For example:

Home page: 

Service page: 

Packages page:

Add canonical tags for the content/pages that appear at multiple locations. Keep your on-site search button completely optimized, so much so that, it can overlook the misspells and spacing errors. Just make sure, the buyer must travel smoothly site wide.

6 SEO tips for ecommerce website

5. Mobile experience:

We know how exponentially there is an increase in the number of online shoppers. Almost 60% of the shoppers were found to be online shoppers, who accounted for $1.5 trillion. So, make your website responsive, easy to load and easy to navigate.

Also, after Mobile First Indexing came into action, Google has started using Mobile version of the website as the starting point to index your website. So, mobile version plays a major role in determining the rank.

6. User Experience:

Even with good SEO, Google still looks forward to the User Experience (UX), because UX is an important factor for Google to determine the quality of a website. You website must be mobile friendly, page loading speed must be less, and all the links must be optimized. The behavior of a user when they come to your site matters a lot. The time they spend on it, the number of times they bounce off and their reviews. But, how can you optimize your website’s UX?

  • A good design plays a major role in inviting users to try and use your website.
  • Make sure your payment gateway (if any) or checkout facility is smooth. If the site visit ends abruptly, it leaves a bad impression on the user. 
  • People love to go through websites that have more visuals, rather than text. So, make your site look creative visually and display your products in a way users find it comfortable to scroll through. 
  • Use the navigation that makes sense. For example, if a person is looking one product on your site and then wants to go back and check another product. Their session must be maintained and they must not be taken to the beginning of the site, to the part that they already scrolled through long back!


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