9 Steps to Successful LinkedIn Campaign

Wednesday, March 17th, 2021

There were 65,090,000 Linkedin users in India in January 2020, which accounted for 4.7% of its entire population. People aged 25 to 34 were the largest user group (39 000 000). This is a HUGE population of the world using the platform. Preparing a successful campaign on Linkedin hence cannot be underestimated anymore. So, long story short, today this blog from the best digital marketing agency will talk about the 8 Steps to Successful LinkedIn Campaign.

Let’s get started! 

  1. Select your objective

    It’s crucial to create your entire campaign around what your ultimate goal is. Pay extra attention towards your final goal and function accordingly – awareness, consideration, or conversions — then, you can choose from subcategories to get more specific. Select your objective

  2. Select your audience and location

    Knowing your target audience is s importance. See, you cannot open an ice cream parlour for Antarctica. It could be better if you save an audience after creation, so you can use it again. This will enable you to skip much of this process in the future frequently.
    You can set the target consumer sector by beginning with location, which is one of the two needed parameters for building an audience, along with language. You can begin with the national level, then state, etc. In addition to selecting demographics, you wish to include, you can pick exclusions as well.Select your audience and location

  3. Select language

    This is an essential yet crucial benchmark in personalizing your ads for their recipients according to demographics. LinkedIn offers 19 different language options.Select language

  4. Set up your targeting

    LinkedIn’s has super strong targeting potency. There are minor details too until you can reach to set your audience. Be careful not becoming too narrow or else the campaign’s popularity will limit itself. 
    The most common segments you can tweak to tailor your audience include company, demographics, education, job experience, and interests. These pieces of information are based on data that users add to their profiles and some inferred data (such as industry, that is extracted from the company’s profile).
    Your brand can take the benefit of the Matched Audiences to feature to get more specific. Set up your targeting

  5. Enable Audience Expansion 

    If you want to cater to a huge chunk of the audience, use Audience Expansion. Here, a huge chunk includes a million or more individuals, and this tool can allow you to target at such a scope while adhering to the ideal 3-4 parameters.
    Audience Expansion makes you reach people who are interested in similar brands.
    Enable Audience Expansion

  6. Select your ad format

    Depending on your goal, a particular set of ad formats will populate here, ranging from text ads to carousel ads, video ads, followers ads, job ads, and beyond. Select your ad format

  7. Set up a budget, schedule and bid type

    One can choose either daily or total budgets, backed up by the money you want to spend.
    The initiating day for your campaign will automatically set itself to the current date if you do not choose any other specific time for yourself.
    When it comes to bidding, the automated bid option can be the best. This is because it will efficiently use your budget without stringent oversight required. Set up a budget, schedule and bid type

  8. Set up conversion tracking

    The closing step in setting up your campaign successfully is to put a mechanism at the correct spot for calculating results beyond the click. In Campaign Manager, that mechanism is conversion tracking, which calculates actions taken by a user after visiting your website through an ad (content downloads, sign-ups, purchases, etc.)Set up conversion tracking

Therefore, if you want to expand your selling avenues, its time to explore all unexplored avenues like LinkedIn. Orionators will make sure that you go right with the platform and make more profits. Right campaigns from the expert services of ours can make you ace the right segment of the audience. 

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