A Letter To COVID From Orionators “Remembering The Good Old Days”

Saturday, June 20th, 2020


You have not left a single stone unturned in completely changing the way the world was, and the way it will be. While you changed the way people lived their personal lives, you also impacted life at orionators. 

The offices were shut and we were working from home. But this letter is not about what happened after you came. The letter is about how Orionators celebrated its people, its work, and its culture. 

Let me take you back to 29 February 2020. Yes, just before this pandemic hit us. This was the day when the entire office went for a recreational trip to Mana Resort In Ranakpur. 

Amidst the cool season, our lazy heads woke up, got ready, and assembled all set to board the bus towards amazing memories full of fun and love. 

As everyone got on the bus, the funny jokes and a common love for songs of Himesh Reshammiya started everyone’s day. Everyone enjoyed their journey and in that one and a half hours, everyone made the most of the travel. 

As soon as we reached the location, everyone went to fresh up and came back in a common ground. One trainer was appointed to help everyone enjoy the corporate outing. 



As soon as everyone joined, the first game of the day was set up. The game was related to multiple orders where everyone was supposed to participate individually. It was a mind-juggling activity as when the trainer said “jump” one had to do an action except for jump. What started with one act, ended on three different activities where the trainer would say “clap, walk, jump” and everyone was supposed to do different actions. 

It really pumped up the freshness and everyone was geared up for the day!


After this, the line of the amazing afternoon was an activity where the entire team was divided into four different teams. Every team nominated a leader and a co-ordinator. Certain resources like pipes, joints, cello tapes, etc. were provided to each team with a set budget. The aim of the activity was that every team had to build a pipeline, not on the floor but in the air, which when joined would make water flow through it. Every joint has to be strong and made in the ceratin amount allotted. 

Everyone juggled their brains and tried doing it in their own way. End result? The pipeline was not made and everyone understood that while working on a project, every team needs to coordinate with one other, only then will the work get complete. 

After this exciting activity and lessons learned, everyone progressed to have their lunch and relax for some time. 


Next up, was a more exciting activity where again people were divided into teams and each has their leaders. Every team was given a tribe name(from the entire globe) and all they had to do was update themselves with every information related to that tribe and exhibit one act of the tribe. Seems easy right? 

Well, there was one more twist. In that activity, people were given some items like sheets, colors, etc which could be used in the act. 

What seems simple was not what it seems. In just five minutes, people had to work together yet separately. The team leader had to keep track of time, the creative guy had to make costumes/maps, etc. for the act and others had to make sure they are ready with the performance. 

The activity ended with a lot of fun, pictures, and learning that when everyone focuses on their expertise and yet works together, you can achieve everything. 


The last activity was the funniest one. The entire group was divided into teams of 4 each. Two people would start the game and had to cross a path, full of twists and hurdles with ballon between them. The rule was that the ballon should not fall. They had to drop one person, come back and take another teammate to drop point. The one who reached the endpoint first was deemed to be the winner. 

The entire game ended with enthusiasm and fun and lessons of cooperation, trust, and team-building. 


After the activity sessions ended, everyone went to have dinner after which they enjoyed gala time together. This broke the ice between the team members, made them close to each other, and helped them build stronger connections. 

Last up for the night was dancing after which everyone went to their rooms and the next day reached their abode. 

While, this outing was supposed to happen again, due to the pandemic, things have stopped, We at orionators are waiting for the sun to shine bright, for the light to kills the disease and make everything normal. 

Orionators miss the good old days!


With Love, 

Orionators Team

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