A Logo That Costs > 1 Crore

Thursday, July 16th, 2020

What is Logo Design?

A logo is a symbol made up of text and images that collaborate to become the face of a brand. A good logo shows what a company does and what its beliefs are.

Logo design is all about creating the perfect visual depicting the complete personality of the firm. Depending on the type, a logo usually consists of a symbol or brand mark and a logotype, along with a tagline.

The image which looks basic, tiny and easy to create in fact involves utmost brainstorming, creativity and technicality. The visual holds a lot of responsibility. But know that today if you see a “Blue coloured G” anywhere in the world, you would automatically link it with GOOGLE!

Yes! That’s the power of a strong logo!

A logo that costs > 1 crore

Pidilite’s Fevicol is a product which is used almost everywhere in the world. The iconic logo is one of the most expensive logos in the world but the investment has totally been worth it!  

The brand’s logo has two elephants who’ve been caught in a tug of war for the past 60 years. The legendary Fevicol logo was created in the ’70s by OBM’s logo design service (then Ogilvy, Benson and Mather) designer M. Swaminathan.

One of the strongest animals of the earth – elephant – is also not able to break the bond which Fevicol has created. An elephant who is highly liked by the Indian society easily built a connection with the audience and all local carpenters immediately connected with the product. They trusted that if this is the amount of grip the product can give, it’s definitely trustworthy.

Today this glue is used for all kinds of purposes globally– from a student in a craft class to a builder making a house.

The hashtag did supreme justice to the design – #FevicolKaJod.

To connect on the initial stage with the Indian audience and go hand-in-hand with design, the tagline was made with the utmost care. It said – Fevicol Aise Jod Lagaye Yamraj Bhi Tod Na Paaye.

The theme and the idea have been brilliantly blended in all the Fevicol ads – All thanks to the first step which was taken in the form of great Logo design.  They have been modified in a simple yet very effective way of storytelling.

Social Media Presence of Fevicol

Fevicol currently has its official page on Facebook and has its own Twitter handle as well. The moment you look at the elephants, you simply know the content would be from Fevicol and hence people listen to everything the brand has to say. 


Apart from the TVC, Fevicol has also effectively used posters & billboards to market its brand in a witty manner. Anywhere you see the logo, you are sure to smile once because you recall the great work Fevicol does.

A great logo is the one which can be modified

The best part about a Great Logo design is that the expert and experienced designers keep in mind that with situations, a logo might need modifications. They leave no stones unturned to make sure that in case such changes are needed, there is a room for the same.

For instance, at the time of the coronavirus outbreak, Fevicol modified its logo to tell the world to stay at a safe distance to stay strong and alive.

This speaks volume about the fact that with a great logo, you can curate great campaigns and ideas.

Best Logos of the world 


Mercedes-Benz is the definition of luxury, class and affluence. The logo is identified all over the world by all age groups and gender. The triangle star represents the brand’s “dominance over land, air and sea”


you simply hear that a dress or accessory is from Chanel, you instantly know its rich, glamorous and holds loads of panache.  The logo is famous world-wide. The double “C”s represent Coco Chanel’s minimalist fashion designs, forming her initials.

The biggest brands for whom Orionators has designed Logos


Shrine 360 is one of the best event planners in the world. The fact that they were one of the planners in the BIG-FAT Ambani wedding speaks volume about the magnum of the brand. Yes! They were definitely one of the pillars who laid the foundation of the marriage of one of the most influential families of the WORLD.

Orionators logo design service designed its Logo and by the same, it is recognized globally.

Lotus is considered as sacred and pure which here represents the word ‘Shrine’. The 360 degrees in a circle depict infinity which symbolizes eternity. Linking the divine flower to the infinity depicts the scared and everlasting celebrations of life.


It’s a financial investment company that offers a common integrated platform for all your financial needs, be it budgeting, investment planning, investing and achieving goals.

It is anticipated to give tough competition to Muthoot Finance. It is going to bring revolution in the national economy of India.

Orionators is proud to be a member of its initiation and foundation journey. 

This is a minimum projection of a logo showing the growth of money. In respect to financial services, growth of the money can be related to a growing tree which signifies progressive and endless returns.

Benefits your brand can fetch from an excellent Logo Design!

  • Brand Recognition – A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Professionalism- Not having a logo may cause clients to think you are newly formed.
  • Show Your Personality- You can project your brand’s personality through your logo
  • Branding- You can use promotional products with your logo to bring in business at a low cost.
  • Stand Out- A good logo will draw the eye, and help you stand out amongst your competition.
  • Inform Customers- Clearly indicate that your brand is still useful and safe amidst this Corona chaos.
  • Marketing- Display logos in different ways with uncertain situations.
  • Consistency- Consistency across all media platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.
  • Popularity- More people are going to know who you are and what you’re about.

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