Ace the REELs content – Tips straight from Instagram!

Saturday, January 16th, 2021

Videos have simplified the digital world. Want to drape a saree, want to bake a cake, want to know how to do squats correctly – you name it, and there will be a video on the subject. The best part about videos is that even a layman can understand and solve the purpose for which he or she is taking the support of the internet.

Moreover, videos are a great way to boost your SEO. Videos go viral in minutes and get shared at all social media platforms, thus reaching all age groups and genders. The popularity of videos as a medium was one of the primary catalysts in the success of TikTok. The rage of making TikToks was something never witnessed by the world before. Later, when the platform was banned in India, Instagram promptly took this opportunity to develop their short video platform. While the hashtag #FeelItReelIt Reels has become a household name, the 15 second videos bring excellent results for a lot of brands and individuals.

Today this blog will talk about the best way you can create your Reels content. These guidelines have been put down directly by Instagram itself, and therefore your focus can make you learn how to reach your target audience in just 15 seconds.

Let’s get started 

Some have speculated that with Instagram emphasizing Reels, that’s caused a reduction in the reach of other content formats in the app.

How to ace REELS?


1) Give others confidence that they can be their true self by being your own authentic version. Brands should reveal their USPs and hence tell what makes them unique in the industry.

2) Plagiarism is not just constraint to textual content. Even when we talk about videos, following trends is different but creating a copy is altogether another negative aspect. Make sure when you follow the trending ReeL trend, you add your dash of a new element to it.

3) The main thing to remember here is to make sure that you avoid ‘using unapproved music’.

4) Keep your head, and heart focused towards whats going on in the world. For instance, When Donald Trump lost the USA elections, there were many REELS coming up imitating his reactions. Try to add on your products and services with REELS but make sure you keep controversial topics on the side.

5) Everyone gets attracted to fun. Add a dash of humour or freshness to your Reels.

6) The Reel game is just 15 seconds. If you want to fetch followers and get publicity for your brands, put maximum creativity in only 15 seconds to catch maximum eyeballs and become viral.

7) Dedicate the first 7-8 seconds creating mystery, so that target audience sticks to the video and waits for the end. Please make sure the wait and time are worth it though.

8) Reading is a blessing. Stay updated with the guidelines which get laid by the Instagram.

So the key points in Instagram’s ‘do’ list are encouraging engagement with your clips, filming content via the dedicated Reels camera in the app, linking into trends where possible, and looking to add a robust reactionary element – whether that’s through a trick, a joke, effects, etc.

 What not to do at REELS?

Instagram also revealed what should not be done at Reels to make sure that the engagement does not drop.

The list of don’t looks like the one mentioned below.


Many brands are selling a lot more than before by creating engaging content at Reels and solving the pain points to short and smart Reel videos. For example, if you have a brand that makes skin essential oils, Reels can be made to educate people on how to use them correctly. This looks boring to you, and you do not know how to stay fresh and unique with each video. Do you not know which hashtags to use to trend the most? For instance, the hashtag – #FeelItReelit has been smartly curated to tell people that you can express whatever you feel through 15-second video and your message is going to straight to the head and heart of the viewer. You have no idea about perfect times of posting where your specific target audience is most active on Instagram? DON’T WORRY! The best social media marketing agency in Udaipur – Orionators is right here to do the task for you.

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