And that was a win-win situation for Us and Our client!

Monday, August 24th, 2020

When it comes to promoting your product or services, it’s a good idea to make your brand’s presence prominent in the locations of your customers.

When it comes to paid ads, PPC agency includes AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn and, surprisingly, even a Bing ad to target the audience.

Not many people consider using Bing Ads as a means of getting in front of their target audience, as they don’t use the Bing search engine daily. This is where they are lagging in the conversion tracking.

However, ignoring Bing can make you stay behind your competitors and not advertising yourself on Bing might result in you leaving a lot of money on the table.

So, this blog will talk about how a Bing Ad campaign ended up being profitable for Orionatiors as well as its client.

Problems the client came with to Orionators.

A client came to us who were manufactures and distributers of navigation devices. Such devices work hand in hand with GPS systems to tell people about locations of different destination and the routes which lead to them.

When they approached PPC services of Orionators, they already had the Google ads running, but the problem lied in the fact that they were not able to set up a successful Bing campaign.

They were determined to play ads on Bing because Bing is a prevalent search engine in the United States. The world makes maximum internet or online searches through Google, but in the US, people use this platform at an extremely high rate.

Solutions provided by Orionators

Competitive analysis by any digital marketing agency is one of the most important tasks they have to intake. Until and unless the experts do not know about what other brands in the industry are doing, they can never know how to make your business stand apart and rule.

Our PPC expert team studied and researched about other companies in the market who were making the best of navigation devices. They, in collaboration with the content marketing experts, made the most engaging, catchy and material ad copies.

The UI/UX design services got along to create the ideal landing page.

It all came along, and a package was made in the form of the best campaign.

What did we learn in the process?

Every new day comes as a fresh learning opportunity, and in the same, the team of our digital marketing company learned a lesson while making this campaign for the client.

Bing ads have a lot of restrictions, and hence you have to be extremely careful while curating the campaign. Rely only on professionals for the task or else your time, money, and other resources could get wasted when you come in contact with an amateur agency.

Firstly, Do not spam keywords while making binge ads because your Binge Ad account can get locked and suspended.

Secondly, the keyword research has to be strong as per the target audiences’ preferences, age group and gender.

Results fetched by Orionators for the client.

Bing being such a strict platform, ads get blocked, and the account gets suspended at lightning speed. Through hit and trial method and expertise of our PPC management services, we were finally able to set up an ideal campaign for the client.

The client started receiving relevant clicks for the products and services they were trying to advertise.

This, in turn, brought them, customers, increasing sales. The sales fetched more profits.

The ads also made sure to make the brand more visible.

With one ad buy through Microsoft Advertising, you can reach 21 million unique searchers on the Microsoft Search Network who represent 122 million monthly desktop searches. This accounts for 8.4% of the search market in India. With Orionators, show your ads to the world!

Who Are We?

Orionators is a full-fledged digital marketing agency based in India. We are empowered by the vision of Miraj Group and are constantly working towards making brands digitally empowered. If your business needs any kind of support, our panel of experts is always available to serve your business.

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