Are your Google Ads Getting Disapproved, Reason “Binary Policy”?

Saturday, May 30th, 2020

All our Ads on Google are paused and we are perplexed! Reason being “Binary Policy”. If you are also bemused with the humdrum of your Google Ads getting rejected, then we did a little fact-finding. 

Two days back, when we ran an Ad for one of our clients, we incurred the following issue:



This left us thinking that this may be due to a technical glitch. To our impromptu, we tried to seek answers from Google, but due to COVID-19 conditions, we got no answers. Upon trying to breakthrough the situation, we discovered a solution to this problem of Binary Option and we finally got our Ads running!



The Binary Options flag might be due to the shocking content, or any financial sales content or any restricted content, because of which the entire page content might be reviewed by Google to check if there is any policy violation. So before retrying, make sure your content is appropriate. Also, do not forget to check your descriptions and content in the advertisement, because Google policies are Over Sensitive and anything wrong might flag a policy.

If you are sure about your Ad Content, we can help you out of this problem. When you see the pop box saying “Disapproved”, all you have to do is go to ‘Tools & Settings’, and then click on ‘Policy Manager’ and then click “Appeal”.

Google’s machine accepts your appeal to review the ad and accept if the content is not violating any rules. If your issue is still not resolved, then you will have to recreate the  Ad campaign from the beginning to Run the Ad. there are chances that it might again “Disapprove” the Ad, but you can Appeal again in the same way to get your Ads running.

You can even click on the “?” icon in the top right corner of your Google Ads account and then click the “Contact Us” link. You can refer the following link to read & understand the Policy Violation issues:

Read more about the Binary Options here:

We found out the glitch and felt like helping you out.