Brand Videos That Your Customers Can’t Get Enough Of

Friday, February 12th, 2021

According to Cisco, it’s estimated that 80 percent of Web traffic will be devoted to online video by 2022. Videos have simplified the digital world. The best part about videos is that even a layman can understand and solve the purpose for which they are taking the support of the internet. Branded video content can make you connect with the audience instantly, especially on an emotional level – the chord when stuck right can change the way people think about you as a brand. 

Haven’t you seen video content by Apple, Coca Cola, Nike – These big names tell us why video content needs to be taken seriously.

Moreover, videos are a great way to boost your SEO. Videos go viral in minutes and get shared on social media platforms, thus reaching all age groups and genders. Today this blog will tell you how to create Branded Videos that your customers can’t get enough. Let’s put on our thinking caps and start on the journey.

Focus on the process, not just the product

Video strategy is as important as the result you want out of the whole drama. For instance, you might want your product to connect emotionally with the audience than you should focus on how you can reach it that way. For instance, your brand deals in apparel which are made only from cotton. Why to directly display your garments while beautiful models adorn them. Can’t you think the other way and show the farmers who help grow cotton. Would it not be better if the video involves women from villages wearing cotton? Will this not be able to strike the emotional cord more strongly? Therefore, ideas are crucial, and you should get in touch with a reliable video marketing agency like Orionators to ensure that you are going right with the basic planning. After all, it is one idea which changes the whole game.

 Keep your end goal in mind

Whatever purpose you have decided to achieve with video branding – it’s awareness, leads, or another plan, every video you create should have a motive – and a means of fulfilling it.

If you are a marble brand wishing to get architects and interior designers’ attention, your plan must work accordingly. You cannot make a video with appeals only to consumers when your brand is a B2B one. Do not lose track of your ultimate desire, and your video will run on the same path. If you cannot get the nerves of your target audience, get in touch with a digital marketing agency to get your branding video correctly.

Video success is equated with views rather than actions taken after the views or other actions expected from audiences’ end. You can avoid falling into this trap by including a call to action that directs viewers to take the next step on your designated path, as well as by creating a landing page that will guide their journey toward conversion.


              Tag your work

 There must be many elements of your brand included in your videos. Do not forget to tag the same. Even if you are taking the support of some other products or services, this could be a brilliant co-operative act where tie-ups can give you great benefits. Add relevant tags, titles, and descriptions to the metadata of your video content. This will help get your videos associated with your target keywords, and your brand will rank supremely. Moreover, if you are getting the video shared through influencer marketing services, make sure that these influencers further tag your products or services. It’s 2021, and people are relying greatly on videos posted by famous influencers which is why your branding will catch on the right fire when these people will share your video content.


  Know when to host and when to post

Using the right platform to release your video branding content is crucial. Therefore do not rely on a layman and consult some expert branding and communication agency for the same. 


Additionally, do not underestimate the power of the right timing and make sure that you are using the right content at the right time. If your video involves people partying in the 100s, may this pandemic time be incorrect to use that video now. Ensure that you go right with the content marketing services to suit the needs of the hour and audience.

If you want to build a mental, emotional, and profitable bond with your audience through branding video content, contact us now!

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