Brands That Did The Best Branding & Communication During Pandemic

Friday, June 5th, 2020

While the world is in grip of a pandemic that has affected every life, varied big and small business houses have jumped on the bandwagon towards communication in a crisis.

“Communication during crisis serves two purposes, first to inform and second to motivate”

Never in history have brands come across a situation where they had to change their entire working process and create a channel that fostered innovation at the core. While there was a stir in internal processes, there was one more challenge waiting for them. The challenge was how to reach to their customers during this time.

But, even during this time, the creative heads spun the most amazing campaigns and marketing channels that have created a special place in everyone’s heart. Imagine waking up to your favorite brand spelling enchanting spells that created optimism and hope and showed their care.

Today, we will uncover some of the amazing steps taken by various businesses. (Praising their efforts and creating a map for other businesses to follow)

  • Collaboration With Government Bodies and NGO’s

Everyone is aware of a majority of households in India who earn less than the minimum survival amount. When this crisis hit, they got severely impacted. In this time, even when they might not buy products of brands, multiple big business units collaborated with their local government bodies and several NGO’s dedicated towards hygiene and safety and supplied them with safety products.

Dettol, a brand of RB group has actively donated more than a crore soaps by joining hands in NGO. On the other hand, Hand washes were distributed to BMC and TMC (municipal corporations in Mumbai) by Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.

  • Tweak In Logos

One of the most amazing things witnessed was brands communicating the importance of safety, social distancing, and masks through tweaking their logos. While they might not keep that logo in offline modes, they have impacted social media by the changes in their logos.

Some brands that introduced masks on their logo can be seen below:


Image Source: BrandEquity,ET

Image Source: BrandEquity,ET

Make My Trip

Image Source: BrandEquity,ET

Coal India

Image Source: BrandEquity,ET

Another kind of tweaking was using products that showed safety like OYO using hand washes/ sanitizers in their logo.


Image Source: BrandEquity,ET

Tech Mahindra 

  • Social Media Strategy


Most people during COVID stayed indoors and social media was their source of entertainment. Gauzing this behavior, brands started creating campaigns that were around crisis yet had their offerings intact. This was the time where empathy and optimism could win them multiple followers and they were banging on! Read more about it in our blog, uncovering social media marketing of brands during COVID.

  •  Ad Spend on TV

Another mode of entertainment that people resorted to was Television. While the GEC’s like Star plus or Zee was out of new content as a result of no shootings, they managed it by re-telecasting old hit shows. DD national also gained a much-lost advantage through Ramayan which has now become the world’s most-watched show. The News Channel, on the contrary, showed live stats which made it much watched.

Through this change, brands saw a chance of positive reinforcement of messages to reach their TG through media buying and television advertisements.

Dettol took the share of other advertisements and had multiple runs on news channels. Lifebuoy, on the other hand, conveyed washing hands, be it by any soap.

  • Innovation Of New Product Line

Multiple existing organizations realized the demand for sanitizers and the future behavioral change of customers. By doing so, they energized their efforts towards opening up a new product line: sanitizers, home sprays, food disinfectants, etc.

When you understand the underlying implications of the crisis, you divert efforts towards bringing in change that fosters greater good.

The top example is how the biggest paint chain of India, Asian Paints, put their foot into the hygiene industry through new products.

  • Warning Signals


One of the things that brands ensured was keeping their customers updated with safety and warning measures. The best is how the telecom companies in India worked. While they were told to keep the COVID warning guideline before every call a mandatory thing, some went beyond this and communicated with customers. Vodafone, in front of its network signal, displayed “Be Safe” for its customers which looted a lot of appreciation from customers.

A resilient strategy for tomorrow is what guides today!

  • Empathy

A key virtue that guided the efforts of brands was empathy and love. The normal days would end in pitching and calling customers to visit stores, but this time, brands advised them to stay at home!

From Amul to Dettol, all brands emphasized on staying safe but not with fear, instead of with optimism.

Burger King advised people to order in, Zomato talked about contact-less deliveries and hygiene brands on washing their hands!

Bottom Line

We would end this read by saying that innovation and creativity mixed with empathy and care turned out to be the goldmine for brands. This crisis may have affected them all but it brought new light into these brand’s existing strategies. Digital Marketing was adopted heavily and brands who understood this got closer to their customers!

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