Creating Best Instagram Strategy Through Content

Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

“Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life”

There has been a lot of buzz around creating content for Instagram marketing and we know it leaves people dazzled and perplexed at the same time. Creating content is time-consuming and creative work. We are not here to talk about the creation of content, instead, we will talk about what kind of content you can use on Instagram to market your company the best way.

There are so many blogs on the type of content that one can use to rank well on Instagram but it has occurred that people lack the knowledge of formats of content that will support its content strategy.

Are you also looking for various formats?

Read along with us and know everything.   

  1. Video



The average user time spent on watching videos has increased by 80% and is growing daily. One of the most loved and user-preferred types of content format is Video.

On Instagram, there are two types of video formats:

  • Short Video: Any video with up to 59 seconds.
  • IGTV Video: If your video exceeds 59 seconds, it will get converted into an IGTV aka Instagram TV video.

You can enhance your video content with:

  • Boomerang
  • Hyper lapse
  • Layout
  1. Posts



While videos are watched, nothing compares to static posts. As videos consume more data, people may swipe away from your video, but your posts, if made presentable can attract volume.

There are variations that you can give in your posts. They are:

  • Image-Based: Many people trend their products by photography and graphical representation. No words but the images are complete in themselves.
  • Content Loaded: One more kind of posts are where your copy makes the biggest impact.
  • Mix: Your post can be a mixture of both classical copywriting and graphical representation.
  • Infographic: As the name suggests, if your business is related to various statistics and numbers, you must use infographics. For instance, a financial service provider must use multiple stats presented in this format to make maximum impact.
  • Carousal: Carousal image feature by Instagram gives one a chance to form a sequential storyline with multiple posts. These are amongst one of the most-liked Instagram posts.
  1. Story

More than 70% of active Instagram users post recent updates in the form of a story. Instagram stories are widely used for engagement purposes. There are multiple features in the story like music, gif’s, etc. Have a look at its major category below:

  • Basic Stories: Just as we said earlier, these are general story updates that one can share.
  • Re-share: You can easily share stories where you are tagged, or can share your posts in your stories. This comes as a boon when your post reach is low and you wish to update people about your new posts.
  • Interactive: These are the stories where you use features given by Instagram like GIF’s, Music, Stickers, polls, questions, etc. to build stronger engagement. Many brands even use these to create quick surveys of their performance.

These are the different content formats that are available to everyone, from individuals to businesses, from creators to marketers for leveraging Instagram.  

Other than this, there are two crucial areas to build an Instagram strategy. They are:

  • Information For Social Media Optimization



There are various things that Instagram asks one user to fill. We shall share things from the angle of a content creator/business page.

Bio: The bio length is up to 150 characters. Your bio is a small description of your brand.

Other Details: The other details that you can fill are phone number, website, working hours, location, etc.

  • Hashtags



One of the best ways to build reach and get into explore feed of people is through hashtags for Instagram. They are a blessing for organic growth and accelerate businesses’ online presence. In one post, a maximum of 30 hashtags can be used. There are some things that one must keep in mind while deciding on hashtags which are:

  • Relevant: The hashtags used must be relevant to the post, the products, the company, and the industry.
  • Relatable: The hashtags must relate to customers that are, the customer should identify the brand when they check-out posts on the hashtag.
  • Trending: Make sure that the hashtags used are not old. There might be thousands of posts on a particular hashtag but it is possible that now it is not trending.


Building a killer strategy for Instagram marketing is a complex process. It requires precision and creativity spun together with the features of the platform to build an impactful profile.

The basic difference between an account with greater interaction is its ability to use all features and content formats effectively. Go check out two is similar accounts and see how differently the one with thousand followers engage.

We hope that you now know how powerful this single social media platform is for any business.

Well, in our opinion, you must ensure that your business is present on these platforms and build greater brand value for you. Thinking about people who can help you with this?

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