Customer Engagement- the Key to Right Marketing in Lockdown

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

The ongoing pandemic COVID 19 has impacted the lives of everyone. Not only individuals but every business is facing the effects of it. It has changed the way we spend our time and everyone we know now spends major time online.

No newspapers delivered at your homes means no print advertising. The lockdown and curfew in many areas have led to no movement thus, outdoor advertising too has to stop. The only marketing that works best right now is what will be done through digital media.

Now is the time to raise brand awareness and engagement that will help every business recover fast when this is over. The sudden shift of behavior leading to more people online is the right time to reach your target audience.

Added Advantage: It can all be done now too!

How To Reach Your Target Audience During Lockdown: Trick Unfolded

There are multiple things that one can do during this lockdown, but we have a few most effective ones stored for you and your business. Read Now!

  1.     Social Media

The use of social media surged by 57% during the lockdown. Isn’t that an indication of how glued are people to their cellphones and how amazing that can be used for the benefit of a brand. Well, there are multiple things that one can do over social media.

  • Go Corona

While the hashtags #gocoronago are trending, there are multiple brands that are really active on social media and are providing tips and tricks. This is a key element that brands like Vodafone, Cofsils, etc. are using to reach its customers and show that while the world is suffering, they still are with customers and will be there for them.

  • Contest and fun games

Many brands are using contests, Bingo’s and games that its users can play online and pass their time. Through this, the brand is attacking the “I am bored” point of users and keeping it engaged. Stay there in their memory, isn’t it?

  • Communication Style

Humor is the emotion that will hit people instantaneously. Right now while everyone is fearful, light and happy content will win people. They will see, hear and do everything that will make the situation feel lighter. It is time to add little fun to what you serve your customers. Durex has been doing it well by using puns and humor while keeping the essence of its brand intact. 

  • Features used well

Use the features of every social media platform well in your communication. Right now informative posts will not engage much so use features like Polls, Stickers, hashtags, Profile Picture templates and everything that a platform offers.

  • New Platforms

This is the time that you explore new platforms. The platform like TikTok has become very popular and even penetrated in the villages. Through proper understanding of the target audience, you can see if hashtags challenges or video can be put on the platform and used in your favor. Find WHO joined hands using social media here.

  • Hashtagify Yourself

ICICI bank has done it very well by using #BankingOnYou. This is the time to reach a new audience and gain more brand awareness. Wonder Cement too, has used #DeshKewonder for appreciating the Corona Warriors. Use your brand name in the most effective way and create a hashtag that will remain with the audience. Smart moves make you the winner.

  1.     Email Marketing

Another element that brands can use is sending emails to their users. The chance of people now hitting open is more and thus, this way they can reach more people effectively. Follow the 5E we tell in your content and see how this leads to amazing brand equity. In the current scene, your content should be:

  • Engaging

Do not send boring content. Use your creative abilities to the best and create emailers that are interesting and require some action. You can link your posts. Blogs in the mails if the customers want to read more about the same. Give them a CTA but do not sell.

  • Empathetic

Understand that your customer needs care and support and not words that mean nothing for them. Be sure your tone is empathetic, the family member that cares for them.

  • Eagle-Eyed

Do not send tons of words or graphics, the end result of which is nothing. Be specific and to the point. Also, make sure you communicate your brand voice through it. Do not forget the goal is to be relevant for customers.

  • Easy

Heavy vocabulary. Complex images are a big No! Keep it simple to comprehend.

  • Encouraging

Your content should not depress the reader. Do not use fear and instead send positive vibes through your communication. It should tell people what is the right thing to do and how this does not mean an end of life. Encourage people; to do right, to feel right and support everyone.

You can read more about email marketing here. 

  1.     Corporate Communication

Brands need to go beyond basic communication and leverage this chance to build better communication mechanisms.

  • Personal Branding

Use the CEO and owners to send a message through their end on behalf of the company. Brand the key personnel of the organization well.

  • Interviews/Webinars/Live Streaming

Either way, you could share interviews with the people in the organization and their views about the time. Not only this, but you can also share educational training by the key people through webinars or live streaming.

Build a better brand reputation and create an image that will help every business survive the hit that the economy will face. It is only the right digital marketing strategy that can still help the brand cut through the red ocean and reach its customers.

The shift in the behavior and activity of people has given brands time to accelerate their digital marketing options with the right digital marketing agency like Orionators at their disposal for the best out of the crisis. Remember, Customer engagement is the key to reach your target audience during lockdown.