Digital marketing and social media creating awareness for COVID-19

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

Digital marketing has maintained connections – and sales – for brands throughout the COVID-19 outbreak by switching their marketing messages and their media mix in ways that provide combating lessons about the pandemic across the internet.

The pandemic is introducing major variations in the consumer behavior, media consumption and the usage of social media platforms that demand the brands to give a second thought to how they relate to consumers. Gartner’s research reflects how many leading brands have positively adapted to these altering scenarios, and pens down ways on how brands in parallel markets can decide their way to pass through these difficult times.

A major milestone came in China with the fact that time spent online shooted up 20% as people isolated themselves to the boundaries of their homes. Favorite pastime is still social connections over social media, but there were surges in duration spent on mobile gaming (up 44% between January and February 2020), enjoying videos (up 14%), and crawling through news and other relevant information (up 14%).

Gartner revealed that brands were good hosts in easing people’s concerns and sense of isolation. Several brands floated content of solidarity and hope to establish a human connection; some made practical contributions to the fight against the virus, like charity, donations or funding medical supplies to serve those on the frontline, and encouraged their efforts via social media.

Celebrity ambassadors (or Key Opinion Leaders/KOLs) also motivated people to remain positive, often through song. Estée Lauder’s Weibo hashtag “We Can Win This Fight”, associated with its celebrity video messages, has been enjoyed more than 61 million times and has shown 328,000 discussions.

The need to immediately express solidarity and support will be the same. During a crisis, social platforms can serve as a vital channel to help spread awareness and raise funds. This blog will talk about digital marketing and social media platforms creating awareness for COVID. Also, how these are still making brands not get into utter losses harming the economy of the world further.

Making things available online, so consumers don’t step out of houses

Physical stores of a lot of brands were closed in the times when social distancing started, so the brands functioning through online pop-up stores using social media platforms and digital marketing, with live consultations and promotions shared via store associates online, as well. This way there were no losses for these brands and moreover, even the society was not at risk of spreading or getting the diseases.

Social media mediums getting used to spread awareness for betterment of society

Masses isolating themselves at home are starving for entertainment and information. Also, information and tips are required requesting people to not fall in the prey of laziness and stay involved in some kind of physical exercises. Activewear brands have been quick to promote in-home exercise content at this time when making people become more loyal towards such companies as they are showing concern for the health of society. Nike began posting workouts to the social media platform, and that particular account has amassed 346,000 followers and more than 2 million likes.

Digital marketing agencies have made online deliveries smooth and possible

Consumers expect that there might be delays, but they want brands to keep them updated. In the early stages of the crisis, grocery stores were delivering stuff to consumers directly using various apps maintaining household requirements and hygiene.

WHO has joined hands with social media to raise awareness?

The World Health Organisation has collaborated with the video dominated social media platform TikTok to float awareness around COVID-19. TikTok is walking hand in hand on supporting the Tik Tok  users by sharing relevant, accurate information and resources from public health officials. It is being very active by showcasing continued support, encouragement, and promoting videos that our community share with each other during this challenging time. They have partnered with the WHO to create an informational page on TikTok that provides trustworthy information, provides tips on keeping safe and helps prevent the spread of the virus, and breaks the myths around COVID-19. WHO has been live-streaming from its official TikTok page. Organizations resorting to social media and celebrities to spread awareness around the fatal virus seems like a fairly common tool now. Legendary Amitabh Bachchan features in a video posted by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, where the actor informs people about the basics of standing strong against the deadly virus. These involve instructions such as washing hands now and then, covering the mouth during sneezing or coughing, saying no to large gatherings and not contacting the nose or mouth. DeepikaPadukone and Sachin Tendulkar have been involved in the Safe Hands Challenge on Twitter, where they inform fans and followers with respect to the importance of personal hygiene and challenge other celebrities to do the same.