Digital Strategies For Business During Lockdown

Saturday, April 18th, 2020

With the lockdown2.0 being implemented, there are so many changes that we are all witnessing. The corona pandemic has affected all lives unprecedently. Business suffering, people kept in their homes for safety, corona warriors fighting for all of us. We are all seeing something that has never happened and hopefully will never happen in our lifetime.

But, how to curb the suffering that the economy and businesses have. Well, profit motive drives business but now that almost everything is closed, what should be done? The answer is that there has been a sudden surge in the use of mobile and internet and that should be used. Smart people make the best out of crisis and right now the move is to include and relook into your digital marketing activities.

We will suggest some effective yet easy strategies that will work the best for your business during this pandemic and will help your company bounce back into the game once this all ends.

7 Digital Strategies That Work Best Now

Build Online Base

With the time lockdown has bestowed upon us, it is best to use it and create an online base. We mean create blogs, articles, e-books and even interviews which give your business online presence. The internet must have so many things of yours to show to customers whenever they search for anything related to your business or any vertical.

Update your SEO mechanism and create properly planned strategies to be implemented now!

Use PPC To Reach people

With more people using mobiles and desktops for work and personal use, it is time to direct your advertising and use PPC to target them through search engines. While you might be temporarily closed for selling products and services, you definitely get into their awareness set and when they land on your desired conversion goal page, make sure you give them content that makes a mark.

It is the time that you will get leads and potential clients- they won’t buy maybe, but you will get a knack of people who search for you!

Great for remarketing isn’t it?

Pause All Automated Mailers and Bots

If you have some bots that used to just send product information and push your sales, you need to stop them for time-being. People would be hurt if they saw that even during these hard times, your business is all into selling. It not only portrays you as insensitive but is a big-time drawback for the reputation of the organization.

Your automated emailers that are a part of push strategy should also be put on hold. Instead, create content around the pandemic and how to cope up with it.

Stay Positive and Communicate It

 The only thing that joins us all is positive emotions which are much-needed during this time. You need not panic and think that everything is ruined and stop all your activities. You need a realistic view and the world will stand on its feet again. Keep positive thoughts with you and push them through your business.

Every communication through your business, be it through the official accounts or key persons must include realistic views and positive hope for the future. Do not make your customers worry and keep their love intact.

Engage In Brand Talks

It is crucial that brands understand the importance of communication. When you engage in conversations- not with customers but with people in all, you indirectly touch the emotions of your customers. They see that the company they are attached to is still going on and is working. This gives them positive hopes and thoughts.

You can have interviews, live streaming, video for PR, or join some on-going discussions on national television. These are few ideas but as per your business, choose how you wish to talk to everyone at once.

Use Social Media To Best

This is one thing that should be done immediately. There are few pointers here to be considered which are:

        Do not cut down on paid advertising right now. It is the best time to reach customers and tell them about your business. Do not be product-focused, but do not stop it.

        Try to create funny content around your business and/or the current situation.

        Use features that the platform is giving and keep sharing your online content through social media.

        Try and create a home video like how your employees are handing work from home situations.

        Rework the social media strategy.

It’s time to pull your socks!

Build Your Crisis Plan Diligently and Add Digital into It

All it takes is one incident that explains the issues that your current crisis plan has. Ditch panic and think of how your current strategy could be made better. Include digital actions that must be taken at the beginning so that in the future, your business and its people know what to do from the start.

It is the right beginning that leads to the right destination. Make sure your corporate communication plans are all in place and you smartly use digital to cope up during the crisis.

In case of a crisis, a business does multiple things but when the crisis leads to people switching to digital mediums, businesses need to go digital too. The current time demands the dedication of marketing and PR towards digital platforms for all organizations to surpass the pandemic.

Last Words: Do Not Hesitate To Ask For Help

No one can be the best and everything and that applies to every business. We are always there to support your business swim through this crisis and even after that. Orionators is the best digital marketing agency and we with our expert team are always there to help you.