Diwali Exclusive Ad Strategies that fetched High Revenue!

Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

India is a land of multiple cultures, traditions, languages and festivals. The customs are so interlinked that most people celebrate together regardless of gender, religion, caste, creed or colour and indulge in the gala. Amidst so many traditions, Diwali comes across as one of the most significant and most prominent festivals of the land of Bharat.

The best part about this is that it brings along a lot of opportunities for the country to accelerate the economy. From a diya maker to a car showroom owner, all go in profits as the common masses consider Diwali and especially Dhanteras as an auspicious occasion to buy anything they need. Many categories of industry conduct 30% to 50% of their annual business in this period.

If your business is not taking the utmost advantage of the upcoming festival to boost the sales, it is surely missing on the magnificent opportunity of the year to grab the maximum chunk of profits. Today, this blog will talk about some of the smartest ad strategies which your brand should definitely adopt to pull up the socks for Diwali season.

Brand Packaging Strategy

With brand and communication services, one of the biggest brands of the world – Cadbury, has been reaping tremendous business around Diwali for years. If you have ever noticed the Celebration box, it is specially designed to signify the festival of lights. When the TG thinks about distributing sweets on occasion, the packet comes around as one of the most trusted, affordable and classy gifts. Moreover, in the times of pandemic, if your brand too deals with packaged edibles, it is going to come across as an extremely safe option in comparison to the loose sweets and candies.

Don’t waste your packaging. Excelling in festive graphics can play a significant role, especially if you’re using gifting or cross-selling strategies. Make sure you get in contact with the best digital branding company to get the branding done going hand-in-hand with the festival.

Digital Marketing Campaign

Flipkart grabbed the opportunity to release the biggest sale they offer around Diwali – Big Billion Days. The reason being the same – Indians consider Diwali as auspicious to indulge in shopping. As soon as you opened the application, you could see the entire layout revolving around the theme of traditional Indian festivals and lights.

The sale as always was a hit.

E-commerce players like Amazon have climbed new highs of sales with the Great Indian Sale, partly due to the festivities around the corner.

Discounts have transcended into consumer-financing! The absolute level of deals is not as critical as offering financing options such as EMIs on mobile phones, part down-payments on large appliances, buy-back guarantees on cars, and so on. Marketers turned partners with bankers to optimize their profits along with competitive advantage in front of the demanding consumer. For example, the sales offered extended discounts on some specific debit and credit cards like HDFC and Axis.

For such successful campaigns, the best of the digital marketing service experts are needed. So if you too want to make maximum sales around the festival season, make sure you get in touch with the best digital marketing agency.

Design Strategy

One doesn’t even need to be specific to festive mood – look at Apple’s fantastic store launch in India. The design with which the mailer got circulated got viral on a great level. Even the people who were not Apple users got mesmerized with the fantastic and brilliant design. From where did everyone get to know about the genius creativity? Mostly from Instagram stories. Yes, that’s the power of social media services!

Because of the master design, masses got attracted to the information in the mailer. The masterstroke lied in the news that Apple website will offer free AirPods to the buyers in India when they buy the phone around Diwali. The whole scenario was the baby of the brilliant digital marketing strategy.

If you too think that your business needs such design services, SMM power or digital marketing campaign, Orionators will get the job done.

Around festive times, everyone is looking at the world from a family lens, and connecting with all ages. Sharply-edged campaigns can only survive and succeed in these times.  Festive seasons instil a sense of exuberance in all consumers, and barriers to trial are at an annual low. Even ordinarily conservative-minded consumers will lap up a relevant new offering – this is an excellent time for promoting your business through digital marketing services of Orionators!

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