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Monday, August 10th, 2020

In old times, people used to go to the library to buy books for almost any kind of knowledge they needed. Today, cookery shows, cookbooks, encyclopedias, comic books, and everything in between is available on the internet.

You know if a layman wants to resolve a problem or learn a method that he or she does? Searches for a video on the biggest video marketing platform in the world – Youtube! Analytics show YouTube mobile users are twice as likely to pay close attention to an in-app video than an ordinary viewer watching TV. Close to 70% of people on YouTube use the service to inform their purchasing decisions. So how do brands use video to help move these prospects along in the buyer journey?

With digital marketing services getting more technically strong each day, new forms of videos are also coming up to rock the market.

The most recent addition in the world of video marketing services is REELS by Instagram.

So if you are not having an engaging Youtube presence, maybe your conversion rate optimization game is weak. YouTube optimization makes your brand channel search friendly for both in-app users and users who arrive through regular search engines. Following Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine, therefore talking it lightly would have repercussions on SERP rankings.

Orionators today want to talk about the best ways to optimize your channel through this blog. Because with Orion touch, social networking can never go wrong!

Use the most trending keyword of your industry into your YouTube channel name

On-page metadata works the same on YouTube as it does on the website of your brand. Keywords that are placed strategically near the front of a title, of course, fetch maximum traffic, so just think about the potency of using the well-searched keyword by the expert and experienced SEO services company in your name.

For instance, instead of “brand’s name,” try “brand’s name: Keyword which is well researched” with your keyword being your industry, your service, your product, or any term that helps define your brand and enable the target audience to find you. The best practice is to approach this not as additional characters to fill with jargon about you but as a mechanism for users to come across your brand organically – so rely on experts only to do this drill.

Don’t underestimate the power of the About page

The About page is often an underutilized piece of most professional SEO services. To this day, many brands and digital marketing agencies are unsure how to approach the About Us pages.

The thing to know about About Us pages on YouTube is that the first 48 characters show up in the YouTube search results, so leaving out this section blank is not affordable. Viewers need to know about your brand, products, and services.

The rest of the About Us page is also a great opportunity to fully describe what your channel is about, the types of videos you produce and the value you provide to subscribers. With local SEO services, you can insert the most trending keywords naturally which can act as a catalyst to optimize the page further for search as well.

Not sure what keywords to include? The best digital marketing company in Udaipur – Orionators is a great resource to mine for keyword opportunities you can win on.

Remember the 15 seconds rule

People today have so many substitutes of everything that even for a second if they feel that their time, money, or resources are getting invested in the wrong place, they switch to something else. You cant appear boring or useless to your present and potential customers and afford to lose them. Remember to make videos in a way that it is the most interesting in the first 15 seconds and hence the viewer wants to watch the video till the very end. Leave an impressive persona so that the watch turns into a purchase.

Immediately state what your video is about and what the viewer gains from watching it. State how your pitch is worth it and back it up with examples, anecdotes, and data. Include use cases and show new information viewers haven’t heard up much from other sources.

This format to the first 15 seconds of your video drives up watch time and puts your video in a great position to rank in the coveted top four.

A video content marketing strategy may not be the primary mode of outreach for all brands, but if you have YouTube videos (even just one), optimizing them should be in your near future. If you’re still not ready to make new videos and lack ideas, modify the old content and reach the hearts of the audience.  With the expert touch of Orionators, the video marketing services can make your brand the talk of the town. You can soon see your video getting shared across various platforms at the click of a button.

With Orionators, your brand can become a YouTube star.

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