Elements making your portfolio a game-changer for more clients

Saturday, February 20th, 2021

Have you ever tried to get a makeover or makeup session done? How do you rely on the artist that the job will be done perfectly? When you see the photos of the previous clients. Now the times have gone digital and which is why probably you can see these pictures on a website or on an iPad.

Being the best digital marketing agency, today we will tell you the secret of delighting the audience so that they turn into your loyal clients. To do the same, you primarily need a portfolio, and so we are going to talk about the elements of a portfolio which can be a game-changer in your favour.

Let’s get started.

Divide projects into categories

Do you offer a range of different marketing services, from web design services to social media marketing services? Making segments can make it easy for potential clients to browse. They would be able to select the service which they exclusively want for their business.

Stay Active Everywhere

Trends, techniques and technology each keep on evolving each day. Stay fresh, and avoid including anything that’s more than two years old. You don’t want to look dated. Keep on refreshing your portfolio after every two years.

Keep a note of innovations and trends in each service and put work accordingly in the portfolio. Moreover, make sure that your work is in accordance with situations. For instance, an FMCG brand comes to you, show them the e-website you have designed. After all, home delivery is more than required now in post-Covid situations.

Make it easy to find and navigate.

If a potential client is hunting for the digital marketing services gets to hear about your agency, there’s a strong chance they’ll head to your portfolio before deciding whether to contact you. Make it possible for potential clients to land on your marketing portfolio by adding links at all social media handles and every digital presence of yours.

Nobody will wish to invest time and money in an agency whose work they aren’t sure about – That’s why you should always sense-check whether your portfolio is easily accessible.

Go high-resolution

All images do not look good across all mediums – Some might look great on a cell phone screen, others might look good on a laptop. Ensure that all the work you are adding to the portfolio is friendly as per the visibility on all platforms. So remember to stick to the highest quality images for your portfolio. 

Keep the format consistent in your portfolio.

Add interactive content

Remember that the only agenda of your portfolio is not for new clients. It is to ensure that your stellar marketing portfolio sets you apart from your competition. You wish to scream to your potential clients that you’re able to deliver better quality work in comparison to the competitors!

Be that as it may, it’s interesting to distinguish your agency work form most popular agencies, particularly in case you’re comprised of a more modest group or don’t have a lot of name in the industry. Fortunately, your content marketing services can help – particularly when 88% of advertisers say making it separates them from their rivals.

Include a call-to-action

Now that you have impressed potential clients with your marketing agency’s portfolio, what do you want them to do? REACH YOU! Obviously! You can do this by adding a call-to-action towards the end of your page.

Whether it’s a button that says “Call now” or simply an embedded contact form that’ll send their message directly to you, CTA will be the ultimate fruit of your labour because that will make a connection between you and the clients. Making it impossible for potential clients to find a contact email, or assuming they’ve got the time to find you and your contact number, is a hurdle you should not create.

Do you want to come across strong clients just like us – the best digital marketing agency in Udaipur? Then get a portfolio made now! No matter what your business deals in, having a portfolio is a must.

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