Facebook Shares top Video Practices to Boost Content Performance

Tuesday, December 15th, 2020

India is a land of festivals, and we have some, or the other celebration lined up each month. Recently, our country celebrated Diwali – This time with a lot more peace and empathy. Most businesses speculated that the sales are not going to be as much as in previous years, but the assumptions were luckily not correct.

With the boom of digital marketing services, a lot of profits were made through online buy and sell culture. Moreover, people were empathetic towards each other and hence did all they could to make the festival bright and light for all people around. People wanted to instil a feeling of love. Hence, a lot of gifts were bought to have some glees amidst the pandemic.

Christmas is on the way, and vibes are already here. To make sure that the festival proves to be happy and prosperous mentally, physically as well as monetarily, social media marketing services have pulled up their socks.

YouTube has over 2 billion logged-in users each month, making it the third most visited website, trailing behind only Google and Facebook. 

This fact makes us aware of the popularity of video content. Moreover, the introduction of Youtube short videos, Reels, Twitter Feels are the latest addition to the SMM family which indicates the potentiality of videos.

Facebook, the king of social media marketing, has made sure that in these challenging times, it tells the businesses on how to grow sales with video content marketing services. Today, this blog will talk about the latest Video Practices you should adopt to Boost Content Performance. This Christmas, video is the best performing content type across all social platforms, and it can help boost engagement, awareness and sales in your end of year push. Facebook last week provided three new tips that are worth considering in your process. Let’s have a look at it!

  1. “Add a 3-5 second trailer to hold interest.” 

First impressions are really the last impressions when it comes to the world of the internet. Each second, so much data is getting fed into the digital universe that unless you are super interesting, you will be smashed by your substitutes. Therefore, Facebook has specially mentioned being most interesting at the beginning of the video so that the viewer stays attentive on all you have to say. Once the TG is hooked on your content, he or she will become a potential buyer as well.

Facebook also notes that you can use your Creator Studio analytics to see when you’re losing viewers in order to improve your video approach.

“Open up Video Details by clicking on your video in the Content Library of Creator Studio. Look at the Audience Retention curve, and uncheck “only include views over 15 seconds” to see where people are dropping off in the first few seconds of your video. We recommend looking at your retention curves often and aiming to improve your retention over time, as that will help increase your reach on Facebook.” – Says Facebook

  1. “Frame the story – with a 4:5 aspect ratio.”

Researchers by social media masters have revealed one super basic but a revolutionary fact – Create videos aligned with vertical viewing.

As explained by Facebook: “We live in a world where most people watch videos on mobile just inches from their face and often in vertical orientation rather than turning their phone to landscape. Try framing your visual story and build for vertical format. Editing your videos using a 4:5 aspect ratio may work best for your videos on Facebook.”

Facebook’s internal research shows that some videos have seen a significant performance improvement by switching from 19:9 orientation to 4:5.

  1. “Engage your community – commenting on posts.”

Why do you think TikTok videos used to catch fire in hours? Because of the engagement capacity. Funny, emotional, sad, cute or whatever these videos used to be like, a viewer would be compelled to say something or the other about it. This increases the engagement rate eventually making the content more visible to your audience.

“Joining the conversation in the comments section of your own posts can delight your audience and maximize your reach. Longer comments, like sharing your own perspective on the discussion or answering questions, can spark even more engagement with your content.”

The more the audience engages, more your product or service becomes visible to a larger audience.

The tips may look general but Facebook is not one of the biggest names in the world just by luck. When you come in contact with an expert level digital marketing agency like Orionators, the professionals follow these guidelines and create the most amazing content for your brand’s sales. Make sure you use video marketing services which make you earn a bomb on this Christmas!

Meanwhile – Merry Christmas already!

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