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Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

40% of marketers view private communities as a top social trend to prioritize in 2020.

Since the time of its inception, Facebook has not failed even once to give benefits to the world of marketing. It started as a social media platform and now forms the core of digital marketing services.

Facebook Group Marketing is still one area which has not been explored extensively by the businesses and which is why this blog is here. This will talk about how you can grow ahead of your competitors who are still unaware of this sale booster.

Let’s Begin!

Why Facebook Group marketing has suddenly became so important

  • Groups give you more organic reach.
  • The best part is, Group posts are what the Facebook algorithm is looking for.
  • Facebook itself has revealed a secret. It has mentioned that the platform prioritizes content from Groups that users frequently engage with. So if your brand is consistently publishing to your/any Group and your audience is reacting to it or they’re posting content themselves, you’re bettering the algorithm with the “right kind of food” it needs.
  • If someone joins your Group, it is a clear signal that he or she wants to hear from you. Another research has proved that nearly half of consumers join private communities so they can engage with brands directly.
  • Groups allow you to form meaningful customer relationships. With Facebook Group Marketing, you can engage in a one-on-one conversation with the target audience. You can build a personal connection through trust. 
  •  People are 16x more likely to read a social post from a friend versus a brand.
  • After all, Groups require members and admins alike to post from personal accounts. This allows you an exclusive chance to engage as a human first and a brand second. Through responding to your audience and asking questions, you can actually know about the needs, wishes and pain points of the customer base.

How can you grow with Facebook Group Marketing?

You can prioritize discussions on a daily basis

The more you can get your members talking, the more beneficial it is going to be. This not only promotes more activity from your Group itself but also elevates the chances that your posts will appear in your members’ feeds.

Posting on a regular basis is definitely a commitment. That’s why we recommend coming up with themed discussions you can use on a weekly or monthly basis.

Let your Group know that you’re listening

Keep a close eye on your notifications and replies, especially in discussion-related posts that you created yourself. Your members will openly share the thoughts and advice about your products and services, and replying will show that you’re actively listening to what they have to say. A brand who genuinely seems caring and responsible fetches the maximum trust and credibility.

This is especially important if they’ve tagged you for a reply.

You can emphasize exclusivity with a Closed Group

Notice that many Facebook Groups are “Closed.” In other words, members can only join after being vetted and accepted by admins.

The popularity of Closed Groups isn’t a coincidence.

Keeping your Group small and tight-knit keeps the quality of discussion high. Facebook group admins can edit the description, tags and settings of a group, including its privacy setting — open, closed or secret. This will make sure your group stays a place where no trash thoughts are getting shared maintaining the sanctity, class and exclusiveness of your brand. Admins can also remove posts if necessary and remove or ban members from the group. Admins are able to add other admins to a group as well.

Moderators can further boost the sales by pushing the content which is in favour of business. They can be the ultimate reputation monitors as they are in charge of the daily operation.

Your brand’s content can be optimized for engagement

Much like you should pay attention to what drives Facebook Page engagement, similar rules apply to your Group.

With the help of professional guidance of the best Facebook Marketing Agency, you can completely fill out your Group info with relevant keywords that your audience might be looking for. The professionals will make sure it does not look promotional or unnatural.

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