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Monday, October 12th, 2020

For most Indians, Diwali is about love, lights and close ones. You connect the day with sweets, new clothes, squeezy clean houses, warmth, abundance, prosperity and celebrations. People take it as an opportunity to make amends with all broken relations and friends and rekindle the spark of the bond.

For brands, the scenario is a little different. They take Diwali as the most significant opportunity to build a connecting bridge with their present and potential clients. It is the time when things heat up as they prepare to launch their branding and marketing efforts in full force to see sales. With cut-throat competition, all brands strive to dominate every media format and occupy consumers’ mindshare and heart-share at a time when they’re willing to spend.

It is a well-known fact which we have proven time and again from our blogs that traditional methods of marketing are becoming obsolete, without getting in contact with the best digital marketing agencies, your ad will get lost in the pool of commercials.

This stays a fact for even the most prominent names of the country.

Today in this blog, we will take the example of HDFC Bank who too knew that it would need digital marketing services to ace the market and leave its dent for years to come. We will study about the campaign it got created from Kinnect.

The Add-An-Ad Campaign

The problem faced by HDFC Bank

It is a well-known fact that brands run several marketing activities, including offers, promotions, discounts, and ad campaigns centred on Diwali festivities. Consumers look forward to them. The initiatives are implemented with the intent of not only generating sales but also creating a customer-friendly corporate brand image.

Amidst this scenario, HDFC Bank could not figure out how to stand apart from the crowd and fetch the maximum attention of audiences.

The solution provided by Social Media Marketing Services

  • Indians do 40% of their shopping during Diwali season.  Therefore the social media feeds, especially Instagram, is full of influencers promoting various products and their festive offers. HDFC Bank does not offer a product which would be a mainstream requirement amidst the festivities. 

As a solution, the expert team of branding and communication services curated a plan which made a place for the Bank in the lives of consumers. 

  • HDFC made sure that it gives the best plans and deals possible amidst the festive sales. To fetch the attention of audiences from dazzling products, the experts resolved the problem with a straightforward plan – ADD AN AD!

  • Every time an Instagram user saw an influencer selling a product on their Insta story, the very next story promoted that the best deal can be tracked through the use of HDFC Bank credit or debit card. The Bank promised to give an extra 10% discount on the shopping.

SEE it here:  

Key Take-Aways

  • The deal was great, but it was promoted at its peak through one of the biggest social media platforms in the world – Instagram. Taking the help of the powerful and blooming tool – Influencer marketing services, the biggest names of the country from the glamour and fashion industry promoted the Bank’s plastic money. Such is the power of digital marketing services on sales when put to the right use.
  • A simple Swipe-Up and Shop feature was annexed to the stories so that the potential buyer could be directed towards shopping with maximum ease. 

The swipe-up feature made sure that the visitor sticks to the shopping procedure and does not get deviated due to the complexities of digital media.

  • Smart marketers are well aware that customers are most likely to loosen their purse strings during festivals as this time is considered highly-auspicious for buying and gifting. Therefore, businesses should definitely capitalize on this and rev up their branding and marketing efforts to make the most of the festive period.

Want to get such exciting campaigns and functionalities for your brand, but you are clueless? Don’t worry! With Orionators’ master social media marketing services – You can be sure to get a unique concept and campaign made which would be the best in your industry. We make a plan only after thoroughly studying your industry, target audience and brand personality and then tailor-make the campaign accordingly. The unique features like Add-An-Ad are also made with research to make sure the investment gives a maximum return.

This festive season, make sure to increase your sales multiple times!

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