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Friday, October 23rd, 2020

The year 2020 saw what the world had never seen before – The Biggest lockdown ever. People have been glued to electronic devices more than before. Not just the offices are running through these screens – but schools, cooking training, games, shopping, movie premiers and everything in-between is running through the digital mediums. 

When there have been not many options left to go out and enjoy (it’s not even safe) – humans are using more social media platforms than ever. The engagement is extremely good at such portals where people are indulging in new fun filters at Instagram, people are selling at Facebook, Youtube short videos are trending, and A LOT is happening just on a phone screen.

The first half of 2020 went by wishing that things would go back to normal, but with time, the world has realized that the New Normal is the reality which would stay for years to follow. It would be wisest to indulge in social media campaigns which would be just a one-time investment now and give you profits for a lifetime. 

Today, this blog will tell you about the best social media campaigns of 2020 so that you know about the importance of SMM, which cannot be taken lightly!

91% of marketers said they notice an increase in their brand’s visibility by spending just a few hours per week on social media. 

So here are the most successful social media campaigns of 2020:

Netflix’s “Wanna Talk About It?”

There have been a lot of talks about how there has to be more communication about mental health, and this was one hot topic which got the eyes of Netflix. In the times of pandemic, people were more lonely as compared to previous times and which is why the campaign was needed for the hour. 

Under this campaign, Netflix launched a series of Instagram live sessions where people could directly ask questions and share their thoughts with mental health experts.

As a result, Netflix saw a higher engagement on its Instagram live with over 100,000 people joining the live-sessions. This not only had an excellent engagement rate but also brought along a lot of trust and goodwill for the brand, which can be used as an asset for years to follow.

Hershey’s India #ThatsWhatWeSaid

Hershey’s is famous for the flavours, and the largest consumer segment of this brand includes children. This time they got indulged in a campaign which would grow their audience sector and move towards adults. 

On Valentine’s Day, Hershey’s India started an Instagram quiz where couples asked each other nine fun questions to discover the whims and fancies regarding their relationship.

The quiz had an excellent engagement as they used a fresh feature for the same with the brand’s Instagram page using the “Pull and Zoom” feature.

As a result, #ThatsWhatWeSaid got over 17 million impressions, with a reach of 12.9 million on Instagram alone. Their overall engagement boosted with over 50,000+ profile visits.

Zoom’s Virtual Background Competition

Zoom’s main motive was to attract people towards their portal, which could be very useful for the work from home and online classes. At the time of the pandemic, the app could be not only a great business idea but also a super helpful tool for society as well.

In March, the video conferencing tool Zoom initiated a monthly virtual background contest where remote workers could share their pictures or videos using the tool’s virtual background feature. To delight the maximum audience, the competition was kept recurring, and each month three exclusive prizes were announced among the entries.

Great ideas reaped great benefits! Over 50,000 people signed up for the free trial to enter the competition.

The kind of presence you make on social media creates your personality in front of the audience on the whole. Social media marketing services have the power to turn your brand into a global name and turn your followers into fans. All the companies from your sector might be having a social media presence, but only a brilliant presence can set you apart. There isn’t one cookie-cutter social media strategy that will guarantee growth. Your strategy will differ depending on your market and customers. Want a campaign which sticks to the mind of the audience forever? Come to Orionators!

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