Here’s How Orionators Celebrated Dads With Bang-On Creatives

Monday, June 22nd, 2020

“One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever gotten came from God. I call him daddy.” 

The first superhero that any kid can ever have is his/her father. He is a daughter’s first crush and a son’s first friend. While fathers have been astoundingly supportive of their kids, they do it all silently. He is the biggest motivator to help one work and the best criticizer to help one grow. 

Your dad will pick you up when you fall, console you, and again push you to work harder. Remember your first cycling lesson? How frightened you were and how he said “I’m here holding you” and when you started cycling fast and realized that he had let his hand go. How bad we have all screamed and how he made us learn life’s biggest lesson!

To celebrate this person’s existence, the entire world celebrates Father’s Day on 3rd Sunday in the month of June. This year too, the world celebrated this day on 21 June 2020. This blog, just like our Mother’s Day blog, is close to our hearts all because it is dedicated to our beloved fathers!

While everyone wishes their supporting pillars, marketing agencies like us jump on the bandwagon of moment marketing, to actually wish people from the names of their favorite brands. 

Could we stay behind in this? Obviously, no!

So here is a look at the work we did. We are sure that these creatives will directly touch your hearts as its totally curated, crafted, and made with love!

  • Miraj Group 

Objective: Convey the safety one feels because of fathers in the simplest way that could hit the TG right. 

Creative Execution: As you can see, we wrote a small copy in Hindi, that showed how a father’s care for their kids and how one feels the utmost security with him.

Result: More than 1k reach and awesome engagement.

  • Orionators Agency 

Objective: We know how fathers are our strongest pillar of strength. For the agency, we thought to salute the fathers of our team members for giving them a hand which made them live their professional life happily. 

Creative Execution: We thought that a simple graphic wasn’t enough so, we collected images of every employee with their father’s. Each of these images was then used in a beautiful video that depicted the pillars of our pillars!

Result: Shower of love and engagement in our social media inbox!

  • Orionators School Of Learning

Objective: While the world is celebrating fathers, we realized that there are people in everyone’s life, who are their father figure. This means that they deserve the wishing too! 

In OSL, we aimed to wish every father figure in life of people.

Creative Execution: a small script was prepared to execute the entire vision in a small video. Have a look at it yourself. 

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Let's dedicate this father's day to every person who acts like a father figure in our life. The one who plays the role of our father, taking care of us selflessly and supporting as and when needed. Orionators school of learning salutes all the superdads and all those Superdad-like-heroes in everyone's lives. . . . . #happyfathersday #fathersday #fatherhood #fathers #fathersday2020 #Dad #internationalfathersday #daddysday #fathersdaypost #happyfathersday2020 #socialsamosa #minimalpost #madovermarketing #socialmediadissect #creatorszilla #allaboutmarketing #conceptualartist #trendingformat #trendingnow #topicalspot #contentcreation #trendingindia #graphicdesigners #creativespot #digitalmarketing #marketing #Miraj #HeyOrion #Orionators #OSL

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Result: Just like how you loved it, our viewers too showed their love!

  • Mangalam Motors

Objective: The objective was mixing the element of offering: Royal Enfield with wishing for father’s day. 

Creative Execution: After many brainstorming sessions, we found a key. The iconic voice of Enfield that truly is the “baap of all sounds”. Every biker can instantly associate with this voice and that’s what we wanted. Have a look at the video!

Result: Multiple people messaged us regarding the creativity and instant association that they could make with the creative!

  • Metro Medicals

Objective: The objective of this creative was simple: Keeping the offerings and Father’s in the center, mixing them, and providing value to customers.

Creative Execution: Whenever we face some big problem, who do we go to? It’s our dad’s! He provides us solutions to our issues, just like how medicines help us while we are ill. We created a minimal communication with smart graphics and creative copy. A loud communication, in a smart way!

Result: We enticed our TG with smart communication that was loved both by the client and the followers!

  • Shrinath Solitaire

Objective: The objective of creativity was to lure customers with the utmost creativity and link it with fathers.

Creative Execution: We love minimalism and so we created a small video, one dedicated to the fathers. We showed how they efficiently show us the right path and protect us every time possible. One smart move was using a tie(a sign of father) as a road on which he supports us!

Result: Need to say this? The small dedication won the hearts of many people!

  • Miraj Miracle

Objective: The aim here was to show the various traits of every father.

Creative Execution: A carousel was created to show the variety of father’s in the entertainment industry. Smart right? Have a look at it below!

Result: Well, the creatives sure did miracles on our target audience!


There are a million ways of expressing what a father is in the life of a child. 

Father’s Day 2020  is the day where the entire world expressed its gratitude towards the selfless abode our fathers give us!

While creating posts, one should always focus on key elements: the importance of the festive, the audience, and one of the major elements is creativity. 

 Here’s to the fathers around the globe and the world of joy they give all of us!

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