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Monday, September 21st, 2020

People are getting short on patience and time. The world has got used to finding answers to most practical questions at the click of a button. In this scenario, when they want to buy a product or service from your industry, they will not just talk to you at first given a chance. The audience would primarily visit your website. As people spend more time on the phone, brands must leverage the website features users value most to hold audiences’ attention.

Today, companies compete for users who want to curb their time online. So pull up your socks and get ready for the latest website trends which your brand should focus on. This blog is here to talk and educate you about UX services and features most important to the website visitors!

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Without a pleasing appearance, you won’t be able to grip the attention of a visitor. To sell the product, a brand has to sell the ambience primarily. Beautiful and appealing designs enhance website content, and the audience perceives the brand as superlative and high-standard.

85% of people think that a beautiful and updated appearance on a website is useful. Just make sure that the design is not complicated and interferes with the navigation and access the content they need.


What makes Adidas’ website the best in the industry are the engaging visual elements on the homepage. Adidas has nailed the timing and flow of images on its homepage slider! If the homepage slider is right for your brand too – go for it. It will allow you to showcase the most noteworthy aspects of your company all in one place.

Smooth Navigation 

People prefer websites that are easy to use and navigate.

95% of internet users’ have said that easy navigation is the most useful website feature.

A website that’s smooth and simple to navigate provides users and makes them save their time and efforts. The website also quickly solves their pain-points. People prefer a website with a clear menu structure that makes it easy to scroll between pages. 


Sony has thousands of products; it would not be a shock if the site would have been chaotic and complex. Keeping confusions at bay, Sony has invested efforts and time on their site’s information architecture to ensure their navigation made sense for visitors, sorting products into their most logical categorization. Their navigation also carries over the same elements in every drop-down menu, so visitors know they can perform the same actions regardless of product.

Crisp, catchy, informative and engaging content

People visit websites to access the content they are searching for our brand and its products or services. Accurate content tailored to pain-points of your industry establishes brand authority for brands.

52% of visitors will leave a website permanently if the content is irrelevant.

More website users will stay gripped to your content if it accurately tells why your offerings are worth buying. Moreover, the content should give all the material information the visitor is looking for.


The site is the crispest and-to-the-point you can see on the internet. The homepage makes it easy to find out more information about any products’ features and price. The layout pages go into extreme detail to explain the characteristics of their products, including high-resolution graphics that show the features on the product’s screen. Please take a look at the iPhone product page, for example – it really brings the product to life for a visitor!

Material Visuals and Descriptions

People think product/services visuals and descriptions are exceptionally crucial as this is what the visitor wants to find out from the site mainly.

90% of internet users have said that they want to see both descriptions and images when making a purchase decision.

Just make sure that the interface is compatible with mobile as well as desktop versions.


Ford’s website gives all information you can get in the showroom regarding any vehicle. Ford gives you that same in-person experience on their website. Right from the homepage, you can choose the type of car you want and begin building it, providing a website experience that gets visitors excited about owning a Ford car.

People are not visiting stores anymore; they are scrolling your online presence. If you want to make a great first impression to the target audience, begin with an aesthetic, informative and smooth website. Do it right with orionators UI/UX design services.

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