Hottest October Trends your Brand Needs Now!

Thursday, November 5th, 2020

2020 has completed its 10 months, and the world has seen a lot since the beginning. Each coin has 2 sides, and in the same way, there were goods and bads of these months as well. 

If we talk about digital marketing services and its evolution, there has been tremendous growth seen. The biggest platforms of the world, which play a massive part in the economy of the world, do not invest bomb time, money and labour into adding new features if they had no benefits. The digital marketing companies also keep on making accelerations needed to let the businesses succeed in today’s modern world.

Today, in this blog, we will talk about the most significant Social media marketing trends and search engine optimization trends which have come alive in the past few months. 

Let us get started and take a look at what new is buzzing in the market. 

Social Media Marketing


Students have suffered a significant toll on their learning procedure due to the lockdown. Facebook as always, did not merely plan a strategy for its own benefit but to serve the masses as well. It released its first “only-student” platform called Facebook Campus. This new college-only space is tailor-made to cater to students and make it possible for them to connect with classmates over shared interests, create a community, and make optimal use of remote learning. Though, currently available only in the US, India is waiting eagerly for Facebook to enable the feature here as well!

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We have already spoken about the changed algorithm of Instagram in our blog Instagram Engagement Dropping? Understand The Algorithm Behind. With its new algorithm, Instagram also updated its recommendations list that sorts what people view on their “Discover” and “Explore” pages. It has prohibited engagement bait, unoriginal content, and sensitive content on Health or Finance. With all these updates, only the best of the original content is going to survive and make it to success. So if you feel that the tasks seem a lot to you, take professional social media marketing or content marketing services ONLY!

Moreover, owing to its racial justice commitments, more blue ticks and verified accounts are in line for the Black and the LGBTQIA+ community. This uniqueness marked by the extinction of the automated systems process that prioritized follower count has made Instagram a major hero of the Autumn. 


While all social media platforms come with updates, how can Twitter be left behind? Moreover, your Twitter presence begs the utmost trust and loyalty as it is considered the platform of utmost authenticity. Twitter bid farewell to “Retweets with Comments” and released its brand new “Quote Tweets”.


Search Engine Optimization


Lockdowns made us witness the work from home culture, but it was not very comfortable for everyone. To make things smoother and more convenient, the interaction was most important to act as a catalyst in this journey; hence Google Jamboard got introduced. The new, interactive, and innovative integration of Google Jamboard with Google Meet has made it all easy. With this new update, now you have an inbuilt whiteboard on all your Google Meets. It is a whiteboard where one can write or draw while having a video call. 

Google playing one of the most prominent roles in the world of SEO, you can use this feature too as a tool to increase visibility. Add the benefit of such exciting features with the right SEO agency.


YouTube, one of India’s favourite platforms, released two of its very talked-about updates recently. With the adieu to the Tick-Tock, YouTube grabbed the opportunity to make its version of the video feature. As we have already talked about in our blog –  YouTube Trends for 2021: Peep into What’s Next  – we had already mentioned that videos can be a great catalyst for your brand’s SEO.

Youtube has introduced its first-ever “Shorts”. These 15-second video clips are all a creator needs, and YouTube has gotten it all. New Live Stream features, now creators on Youtube can get the time when their viewers are streaming and check their performance, all on the dashboard. Make sure you make the most of this feature with the professional and technical digital marketing agency like Orionators to reap maximum benefits.

There is a reason why such huge evolutions keep on getting introduced in the digital world – they obviously add loads to the profits. Are you still using the traditional methods of marketing and feeling left behind? Use the most trending marketing features and make sure you take the technical help you need to succeed with these tools. After all, catching up with the innovations is not everyone’s cup of tea!

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