How bad package design is affecting your sales?

Thursday, August 20th, 2020

Have you ever walked through the shelves of the supermarket and an attractive product has caught your eye? This has happened with all of us at some point in life! Right!

We don’t even know the product details which are catching our eye, but the aesthetic packaging is the reason behind the attraction. Great looks are definitely the reason most heads turn to look at a person when we don’t know about his or her personality. In the same way, to engage a potential customer on the first level, pleasing aesthetics and services of packaging design agency play a crucial role.

Therefore, the importance of appealing, safe, and user-friendly package design can never be underestimated.

This blog will talk about how bad package design is affecting your sales.

The reputation of the brand

In addition to the potential financial costs of a product’s packaging being damaged, your goodwill is at stake too. When you choose to opt for low-quality packaging design services, your reputation becomes questionable. Quality and attractive packaging are expected, particularly if you want people to perceive your brand as superlative. People are going to trust what’s in the box only if the box will portray that it’s worth opening. Consumers have high expectations for the packaging and product when they are paying some decent amounts for the purchase of the same. If impractical packaging is used, no matter how good the product is, the buyer won’t be able to handle the good for long and would not indulge in making a repeat purchase or even recommending the brand to others.

For instance, you walk through a supermarket and find a rack where there are at least 5 brands of coffee which are totally new to you, which are you most likely to buy? The one with the most attractive packet. You do so because the packaging signifies that if the brand has made so much investment and paid attention in the creation of what’s outside, the material inside will most likely turn awesome. Hence you can never have a competitive edge in the markets if the packaging is of a poor grade.

You should especially hire the best package design agency if you are dealing with sectors like personal care, food products, intimate products, and everything which consumer uses at first-hand contact. This is particularly likely for delicate products, where consumers have higher quality expectations for the packaging (and product) due to the premium price paid. 

The usability of your products and services comes at the question.

The size of product packaging can also affect your sales and eventually, profits.  Imagine if Odonil would sell freshener blocks which would have no loop for hanging purpose then would people buy it as much as do now?

Occasionally, some products have to be shipped or transported as the demand is beyond the boundaries where it gets produced. If this is the scenario of your business as well, you have to take extreme measures of selecting the best package designing services so that the products do not get broken or damaged before they reach the customer. The damage would not only bring financial loss but would also bring a bad name for your brand. 

For example, if we talk about Parle-G biscuits, the production mainly takes place at Vile Parle Mumbai but the product is sold in entire India. If Parle had chosen to package in poor quality, the biscuits would reach customers in a broken or powdered form.

On the other hand, products packed in boxes too large can add on to the cost. This cost would bring no extra profits, and the customers would find you being unaware of environmental degradation because you will look like you are simply wasting resources. People love products when they are as portable as possible. If products are small, they do not want to receive an overly large box, which could have excess packaging or be undelivered to a home address.

You might have to suffer monetarily.

A package design made with not keeping technicalities in the brain would bring significant financial drain. Amateur designers do not know the practicalities and hence might offer you options where you would initially get attracted to low costing of paper and other inputs, but the broken packets will only bring hatred from consumers and regrets to your business.

If either the primary packaging or secondary packaging is not durable enough to withstand the conditions faced on along the supply chain, then it is likely that the manufacturer will have to fund compensation, refunds or discount the product to sell it.

Package designing Orionators completed for Miraj group’s FMCG

The packaging made sure to keep the products fresh and maintain the taste. Even after opening the package, it could be stored perfectly. The technical team made sure that the packaging increased the shelf life of these FMCG products. Keeping in mind:

  • The modern customer preferences
  • The color choices
  • Competitor analysis

What did we do?

  1. Reframed the communication keeping in mind the sentiments that can be related to the product value.
  2. Revised the look of the packaging accordingly.
  3. Created mockups to get an idea of how it will look.

 The ideation of the look we created thereafter can be seen below:

In a competitive market, bad packaging of your product can have a devastating effect on your sales. With Orionators, get a comprehensive range of product packaging design services, enabling companies to make effective packaging decisions – helping to reduce packaging and product damage, and save money.

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