How better UI/UX increased orders by 30X for L’bert?

Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

Aesthetics are super important when it comes to making your brand stand apart! And, it is only going to get harder with new designs, concepts, and ideations coming up each day. So how to become the “eye-candy” of your industry so that when a person scrolls the internet to buy a product which you sell, your brand should appear as the most appealing to him or her.

For inspiration, we will take the case of one of our elite clients – L’bert Men’s Grooming Products. This blog will talk about how better UI/UX increased orders by 30X for L’bert?

What is UI Design?

The “UI” in UI design stands for “user interface.” The user interface is the graphical layout of an application. It consists of the CTAs users click on, the content they read, the images, sliders, text entry fields, and all the features of the website the user interacts with. This includes screen layout, transitions, interface animations, and every single micro-interaction. Any sort of visual element, interaction, or animation must all be designed.

UI designers are concerned with aesthetics. It’s up to them to make sure the application’s interface is attractive, visually-stimulating, and themed to be compatible with the belief and personality of the brand. They make sure the design suits the taste of the target audience.

What is UX Design?

“UX” stands for “user experience.” A user’s experience of the app is determined by how they interact with it. The experience has to be comfortable, smooth, and non-complex. The website should navigate properly. User experience is determined by how easy or difficult it is to interact with the user interface elements that the UI designers have created.

The Problems L’bert was facing

There are hardly any men’s grooming range brands in India and therefore with bringing a revolutionary idea of providing 100% organic items, L’bert wished to rock the market. 

Sadly, with time the brand realized that they are not reaching the height they expected to touch and the sales are falling day by day. This would eventually mean a lack of profit or in fact, could turn in loss!

The Problems Identified by Orionators

L’bert’s website was previously handled by some other Digital Marketing Agency. When L’bert came in contact with Orionators, we found out a lot of loopholes that the website had. These were as follows:

  •       The agency was using tools that were not up to the mark.
  •     The sales were not sufficient as the technical or relevant advertisements were not getting utilized.
  •       The agency promised to fetch traffic but there was a loophole – THE BOUNCE RATE WAS EXTREMELY HIGH. This was the reason which made the high traffic irrelevant.
  •       There was no visionary strategy to grow the sales and eventually profits due to a lack of experience and expertise.
  •       There were resources getting used for promotions but NONE had a KPI planning for the same.
  •       There was no Repetitive Strategy which means that the only focus was to attract the audience. There was no attention paid towards the myth that sales only increase when a customer becomes loyal and buys again and again.
  •       There was no LTV Calculation or strategy to increase LTV further. An LTV ratio is calculated by dividing the amount borrowed by the appraised value of the property, expressed as a percentage. 
  •       The agency was not even clear about the beliefs of the brand and what L’bert stands for. There was no rock-solid predictability about the brand’s products, services, and what it actually is. They were just creating communication and branding on the basis that L’bert was JUST some random brand in the men’s grooming industry. They did not focus on HIGHLIGHTING how it stands apart and how the products are actually revolutionary. Due to lack of this knowledge, there was never a proper communication made to tell the audience why they should switch to L’bert’s products and stick to them.

The Solutions provided by Orionators

  •       Primary and the ONE-STOP solution which Orionators suggested was in the form of a GREAT WEBSITE! Before the product, one has to sell the ambience. We would never go to a boutique to buy an exclusive outfit if the store is shabby. The reason is that a human mind perceives things primarily with the eyes.
  •       The website design was very basic. Orionators took charge to modify the website with UI design services and for the same studied the competitors of the world with intense research.
  •     Most men’s grooming products websites were made with solid colours and Orionators chose to use the boldest of all- BLACK!
  •       UI UX design services made a huge difference in the entire aesthetic games. The expert and experienced team figured out that content and product images have to stand out from the overall dark theme. Studies were read so as to make sure what kind of websites sell such products the most in a successful manner. The USPs were highlighted through UX design services so that visitors could see at once why L’bert products are better than others.
  •       UI and content experts made sure that the content stays non-repetitive, and the aesthetics stay classy.

The Result L’bert gained: 

The Men’s Grooming market was declared as a crashing entity by some of the biggest venture capitalists in the world.

The evolved UI/UX services of Orionators increased orders by 30X for L’bert. The new website witnessed a 300% increase in orders. Previously each product was ordered just 2-3 times per month, with a new website, orders reached 50-60 pieces per month.

1st-time accusations are nearly impossible! Orionators made this not only possible but profitable!

The results were made so great just by using the correct digital advertisement including Shopping Ads and Dynamic Remarketing. Most firms witness losses in the beginning and through remarketing, balance those after a few months. On the contrary, L’bert has made profits since day 1 with the new website!

Who We Are?

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