How brands are embarking evolution in the economy with digital changes?

Friday, July 24th, 2020

With the outbreak of an alarming pandemic of the CoronaVirus, consumer behavior has changed vastly. If brands are not observing these changing patterns and molding their marketing techniques accordingly, they are surely going to lose a chunk of customers.

The major difference between big brands of the world and the developing ones lies in their marketing strategies. In today’s time, traditional methods have gone and to rule the industry, the best of the digital marketing services and campaigns are needed.

After the lockdowns have gotten liberated and the world is coming to terms with living normally like before, few brands have emerged with excellent campaigns and strategies which are getting welcomed with open arms. This is not just working in favour of the business and profits, rather it is also helping the society and economy to revive back.

This blog will talk about some of such industry players who are embarking evolution in the economy with digital changes


Swiggy has changed the way India used to dine. You can relish and savour whatever cuisine you want while sitting comfortably in pyjamas on your couch. Swiggy holds the immense trust of its clientele and hence people are sure about the safety of the food which is getting delivered by the brand.

Swiggy has made a bond with the people by telling them that it cares. It picked up the pain-point that all the people, especially the sick and old ones, are still not able to move out of their houses as they are anxious about catching the virus. Therefore Swiggy made sure to help them by simply becoming a delivery partner. Swiggy is now delivering groceries and other essentials along with food. Deliveries are open from 8-9.30. The application has added an extremely useful and catchy feature in the form of a genie which can make life easier by delivering almost all essentials at the doorstep with complete safety.

With mobile application development services, Swiggy succeeded to bring in a revelation.


Myntra has been a big name in the country when it comes to online shopping and keeping up with the latest fashion trends. In the Covid-19 situation, Myntra was clear about commitment to the safety of its customers, employees and partners. And with this view, they activated response teams and put in place several health and safety measures to safeguard employees, delivery personnel and facilities against CoronaVirus. The deliveries were at pause when the PM announced the lockdown.

Post the liberty in Unlock2.0, Myntra made a revolution through a simple SMS. Whenever a delivery partner was supposed to reach the customer, their logistic system sent him or her a message stating that the temperature of the delivery person is checked. The message also mentioned that the parcel, money handling and everything in-between will take place with complete safety measures.

This way, customers did not hesitate to keep ordering from Myntra.


In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak in India, the government issued guidelines, urging people to adopt social distancing and avoid going out in May too. A lot of money was at stake and Bollywood does make a huge part of the economy of India. A huge number of people participate to create each movie and hence shutting down this industry would have made millions of people unemployed. Bollywood made a super-smart collaboration with online streaming platforms to release the completed films on these channels.

Movies with the biggest stars like Irfan Khan (English Medium), Amitabh Bachhan (Gulabo-Sitabo), Gunjan Saxena (Janhvi Kapoor) have opted for such releases.  More people than ever are now using streaming services for some much-needed entertainment during the lockdown. This has been a boon for such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar and others. Moreover, Indian society can now choose to stream such channels all year long in the money of just one ticket.

Miraj Supermarket

Miraj Supermarket is a big name when it comes to FMCG products. The stores are present in major cities of Rajasthan and have almost all kinds of home essentials, daily essentials and groceries.

As soon as the lockdowns were announced, the store wanted to help the society as all the people could not move out of their houses. Orionators, the best digital marketing company gave the solution that its high and ideal time where the stores should give home deliveries. Mobile Development Services made sure that people could just pick up their phones and start to order the essentials at ease. The advertisements also made sure to bring down the anxiety levels and circulate the truth that the deliveries and the delivery partners were safe. Stores are sanitized each day, as well as the employees, went through medical check-ups to make sure that the no viruses get transmitted to any house.


Maybelline has been one of the biggest cosmetic brands in the world. The major credit goes to the online marketing strategies it uses suiting the time, places, situations and preferences of the customers. The biggest safety measure amidst CoronaVirus pandemic is said to be wearing masks and keeping hands clean.

It was a pain-point for most makeup users that the lipstick used to make the masks messy as well as it used to wear off with constant friction with the cloth layer. Maybelline has transfer-proof and super stay lipsticks but they took this world situation as a digital marketing strategy. They proved to the world that these lipsticks are only ones which can be perfect for masks.

The ads are getting seen on all digital platforms and it has greatly increased the sales of Maybelline products because the audience is believing the fact that Maybelline cosmetics does not get worked off easily.

It’s high time to take advertising agencies seriously and make campaigns which can help your brand, economy and society to grow. Orionators has been a game changer when it comes to tailor making such genius plans to build brands and rule the market. If you are still trying to cope up with the falling economy, Orionators’ digital marketing solutions can uplift your Business. 

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