How Facebook Shop Is Boon For Business In Post-COVID Era

Monday, June 15th, 2020

Just a few weeks ago, Mark Zuckerberg has announced that they will be introducing facebook shops, which will be a game-changer. for small businesses. 

The social media platforms have been introducing various features that supported business like shop tags. Their venture into building the platform as eCommerce has been working for a while but due to COVID, virtual shopping has become a reality. Facebook shops can make online shopping a ubiquitous experience. 


Before you think that Facebook shops are just like any other eCommerce platform you might ponder upon one thought: Facebook shops will be used by businesses not to purchase, but to showcase their products. Through it, one can explore a range of products, discover brands, and everything in a carefully curated, AI-driven virtual space. 

From individual store owners to small entrepreneurs to big brands, Facebook Shops can help them all. 

Position Of Facebook Shops In Post COVID Era
With the change in the ecosystem of the world and business because of Corona, it has now become crucial to talk about customer behavior and how resilient strategy will be need of the hour

The status of eCommerce and business has changed. Although the stores are reopening and people are venturing out of their homes, the COVID effect will likely stay with them. 

The physical shopping experience that was related to the brick and mortar and touching the products before making purchase decisions has now changed to “contactless products”. In light of these behavioral changes, businesses now need to reach customers digitally, influence them virtually, and gain them the new way!

*More than 75% of people now prefer shopping online rather than going to stores and carry everything home. Home delivery is also becoming the new USP of some business.*

E-commerce has been growing in various areas, and especially for “essential items”. With the change in buying behavior, one can through facebook shop reach, influence, and showcase its products in the best way. 


Understanding The Working Of Facebook Shops

The feature of Facebook shops allows users to set up one online shop which can be accessed on both Instagram and Facebook- for free. One can add products, customize the store with options available like font and colors, and use the messaging apps: Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram to deal with customers. 

The entire idea is to recreate the shopping experience like one at the physical store virtually. Customers can browse through your products, message the seller and if the seller has enabled checkout at the store can also shop from there. The Facebook Shop is aiming to create a seamless shopping experience that is easy, free, and quick. 

In the future, one will be able to make purchases directly from the messenger application. This is an assumption but with the speed that Facebook is going, one can surely say that there is more to integration. 

How Will Launch Of Facebook Shop Help Business


The launch of Facebook shops has stirred the market. The core benefits are:

  • Mobile-Friendly 

The platform created by Facebook is a mobile-first platform. As the platform is by big name, one can leave away the worry of issues of graphics, size, and its mobile-friendliness. Now, retailers can catch with mobile browsing and focus on using the platform to promote their products. 

One specific aim of Facebook shops is a mobile-first approach that will help them reach to the customers. 

  • Personalization

Another reason for the huge success of shops is personalization. Facebook is a king in collecting data and through ads, they sharply target the right audience. Through facebook shops, the owner can directly create ads and target the users for his objective. Through this, they can generate new customers and even retain their existing ones. 

  • Niche Marketing 

Imagine you are a niche hand-crafter notebook seller. There are millions of people online on platforms of Facebook and through this algorithm, you can easily reach them. Once you get your potential leads/audience segment, through the features in the store, you can build your online audience. 

  • Be Where Customers Are

The Facebook marketplace has already started gaining customers and now with highly integrated stores, you will always be in front of your customer’s eyes. The power that social media platforms as marketplace have is the abundance of people who are online.


With the world that is changing quickly due to COVID, one must understand the developments in technology and reflect on their digital strategies. Facebook Shops with its amazing features has multiple benefits that businesses can avail. It takes a smart business to realize the need and reach out to experts for consultation. 

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