How Impressive is Digital Marketing Rule of 7 in Modern Day Internet Marketing?

Saturday, July 13th, 2019

Digital marketing rule of 7 is quite popular, isn’t it? However, did you know it was adapted in the year 1930 from the movie industry? Fascinating, right? How come an age old marketing technique is ruling our modern day digital world? Digital world didn’t even exist then and yet the rule of 7 does.

Enough of the side talks, let’s come back to our focus of today, “the golden rule of 7 and its role in modern day digital marketing”. So, it is an old technique that has great leverage in modern day marketing world. In short the rule of 7 is far far away from being outdated. In fact, being the best digital marketing company in Udaipur, we have felt that the rule of 7 has a great use in driving desired results.

So, yes today is going to be all about digital rule of 7 and its advantage of digital marketing. We will be sharing you our personal experiences too, and how we have made it more result-driven to make our strategies more powerful than ever before.

How Does the Marketing Rule of Seven Work?

The rule of 7 comes handy when your business looks forward on selling products online using digital marketing. The rule increases your chances of buy once they have seen your message (Ad, emails, etc.) at least seven times.

However, plain the rule may look like as a company that has created amazing digital marketing strategies for businesses hailing from various walks of business lifecycle and of leading industries we know how amazing it is. 7 times you show your ad and viola! You just got someone very close to buying your product or service.

Usually people bombard their audience with their marketing messages to generate instant results and that may have worked once or twice, but it is a failed tactic. It rarely works, almost next to nothing; instead the seven times factor emphasizes on making your message much cleverer, mapped out and gives businesses a way to reach new audiences.

The Effect of Rule of 7 in your Marketing

As a provider of digital marketing services in Udaipur, we have great hands-on experience of working for ecommerce and service based businesses. That has given us a wide technical and literal knowledge on how does the seven times factor affects your marketing.

While most of the people might think that the rule requires a marketer to engage the audience through all the channels, we of all people can tell you it is not. It focuses consistently on reaching out to them on the channels a business uses.

It is more time consuming and above all expensive. In our experience, in spite of using multiple channels choose the channel that has max visible chances of engagement. “Focus on digital!” is our strategy. Return on investment should not thus be prime objective of your strategy rather you must try to find new ways to engage users.

Practicing Rule of 7 to Get More Measurable Results and Quicker ROI

The formula is simple and it is to focus on digital to create a meaningful experience for your users specifically focusing on engagement. Digital marketing allows you to engage with users about 7 times every day even in close competition.

To learn how you can leverage the rule of seven for your business profitability, it is important that you understand first the types of marketing messages.

Let’s Start!

1. The Knowledge Bank

So for the brand and the marketing rule of 7 is needed to be in synergy to focus on your content. All your base content needs to be posted on the website or content sharing platform be it YouTube, or any other guest blogging site. Also, this includes the content that you share on business listing sites, per say a travel agency when it posts its photos or attends to the business description in Tripadvisor, it all accounts your content. So, while if you want to outperform your competition and drive more traffic on to your website it is important that you are able to solve their query and give them a good user experience.

2. The Trust

Another theory we want to debunk is choosing quantity or quality. Quality is not something to compromise and it is all okay on the quantity part unless you are doing it regularly.

a. Blogging:

It is a great way of engaging your core audience by attracting them with your extensive knowledge. Seeing your knowledgeable self, people are more likely to trust you, which help drive more traffic on your site.

b. Image:

Informative image creation is important, your graphics and images must hold a value to your users. Particularly, brand recognition can be achieved by using interactive methods via image sharing.

c. Video:

Focus on ads with videos. Videos are more likely to draw engagement. You can also experiment using documentaries, PPTs and explanatory videos and other video marketing types.

d. Podcasts:

This is one of the most proven practices of marketing. Podcasting allow you to work on bringing your expertise and explain what and why you do things. Also, if you would like to learn more about the digital marketing methodology, we recommend you to read our blog on how podcasting can help you outrank your competition.

3. The Likability

a. Email:

Share your content and expert knowledge to your audience on the email. Email marketing is one of the leading digital marketing methods that provide cost effective and definite results.

They are good to encourage relationship building with your users which can in future be leveraged to sell, offer discounts, promotes your new lineup and more.

b. Social Media:

Just by keeping your content useful and engaging on various social media platforms and help you play along. It allows direct conversation and has so much of a wider reach. Reply, comment and share and your work is done. Infact social media can also help your improve your SEO by providing you a powerful domain authority.

c. Paid Advertising:

Outbound platforms are in abundance and give you so many options not to reach your target consumer base. They also give you the ability to segment them into old ones and new ones so that you can make it more personalized accurate and meaningful.

d. Web search:

Not only inorganically driving traffic is important it is necessary that institutions pay attention to making into organic results too. According to research paid traffic is beaten by organic by 3 on 1.

When done properly, blogging can help you put your website on the first page results of any search engine. It is one of the great ways to target your focus audience.

e. News:

It is not very likely that every content that you create goes viral; rather it is possible that you create an informative report or whitepaper on some key issues on which people talk about. So creating easily shareable content can be your strategy to get viral.

Wrapping Up

So, rule of 7 can be your way to sell your products and see conversions skyrocket. You need to make sure your strategy is efficiently fulfilled and you match the decided timeline to keep things regular and at a particular period of time.