How Miraj Supermarket Leveraged Social Media To Change Brand Perception

Saturday, June 6th, 2020

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About the Company

With the vision to stay true to our customers and always provide them quality products, Miraj Supermarkets is the chain of Miraj Retail Private limited where they offer a wide assortment of quality products under one roof. The idea was conceived when it was found that the customers go to multiple places in search of quality products with pocket-friendly prices. In order to save their physical and mental costs and labor, Miraj Group came up with a supermarket under its retail vertical to ease things for customers.

Pain Point

The organization is a part of Miraj Group which already has a big name in the industry with various verticals. But, the issue they were facing was related to customer perception. As the name was Miraj Supermarket, people assumed that the products kept in the supermarket were of the brand itself. On the contrary, the supermarket was a multi-brand store.

When they came to us, they wanted campaigns that could serve as an end to this perception.


After carefully analyzing the situation, conducting some surveys we reached the core of the problem. The issues were boiled down to:

  • Lack of brand awareness
  • Incomplete brand perception.

Post hours of brainstorming and creative thinking sessions, we came up with a solution for a brand. We realized that we needed platforms that could communicate to masses at once. The platform we used was the social media handle of the supermarket.

We identified the TG of the supermarket, the decision-makers, and influencer’s of the buying process and came down to a simple communication – Yaha Sab Kuch Milta hai (You get everything here).

This communication was used to showcase a plethora of brands that are available at the supermarket and a breakthrough in the perception of people.

Have a look at the creatives that were used below!




This was the main campaign that was run. Other than this, we also encountered that there were several other impactful campaigns that had to be created in order to create a holistic impact.

The other campaigns that were planned and implemented were:

  1.   Zimmedar Nagrik During COVID

This campaign was run during COVID to build better engagement with customers and communicate the essentials of becoming a “Responsible Citizen”. There were few steps enlisted that if followed, made the person earn the title.

  1.     Festival Creatives With Similar Narration

The core focus was around talking about the multi-brand options at the store and the festivals were also used to talk about the same.

You can check more at:


With the campaign that ran for around 2 weeks, Miraj Supermarket was able to grow in the customer’s mind. After the magic done by experts at Orionators, the brand saw a stark rise of 12.400% in the number of people reached.

Before the work of Orionators, the brand’s maximum reach was 200 people whereas, after the campaign, the brand’s average reach is 25.6K!

If we talk about engagement, the brand earlier had a low engagement rate but, after the Orion Touch, they get 1000’s of comments and likes!

Is your business also dealing with such issues? We can help you!

Who Are We?

Orionators is a full-fledged digital marketing agency based in India. We are empowered by the vision of Miraj Group and are constantly working towards making brands digitally empowered. If your business needs any kind of support, our panel of experts is always available to serve your business.

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