How Orionators Are Ensuring Safety At Office

Thursday, June 11th, 2020

Workplace safety, which was once just about taking care of premises, installation of fire extinguishers, and smoke detectors, has taken a sharp turn post COVID effect. While many countries still are on work from home, there are various offices where a small part of the workforce is going. 

As people are stepping out of their homes, travelling to their offices, and are meeting various other people, safety for all is a must. But who will make sure that every corner is safe?

While at home, this is the responsibility of the people living there but, in offices, the team on the premises must make sure that the office is ready for people. 

“ Offices Must Be Safe, Sanitized and, clean for people to work with the best health”

Orionators also started its operations with a 33% workforce who are asymptomatic as per the government guidelines. Here is a sneak peek into life at orionators through the lens of safety!

  • Sanitizers Kept On Every Nook and Corner 

Sanitizers as per the required norms are kept on every table. The chances of people getting infected because the virus is rising and so is the need for things to ensure its killing before it enters the body. At an office, when people can’t wash hands frequently, bottles of sanitizer keep them safe!

  • Social Distancing Is Followed

The world is talking about maintaining distance to stop the spread of the virus and so are we at our office. We are making sure that people sit afar and work. No two people are sitting right next to each other and an absolute vacuum of physical touch is maintained. 

  • Masks Are Must

Masks are kept at the entry point of the office. Other than that too, wearing a mask is compulsory for every employee. We make sure that everyone around us is safe and takes care of themselves and others around them. Masks have become the new essentials and we are always ready to give our people the best!

  • Temperature Check 

It is essential that no one with any symptoms come to the office. It is crucial for the entire staff and the person himself. For this reason, on entering, thermal screening is done. Only after one passes through it, they enter the office. 

  • Biometric With Face Recognition

As there are only some people who are coming to the office, it becomes a responsibility on the heads to make sure that their attendance is maintained. Earlier, a biometric imprint was the system but now that everyone is avoiding touch, face recognition in the attendance maintenance is used. 

  • Disposable Glasses

Every day, new disposable glass is given to every employee for use. The coffee and tea also are served in paper cups instead of regular crockery. This is done to ensure that no same glass is re-used. Minimum interaction, maximum safety!

Final Words

Orionators have always tried to maintain a healthy life be it physical or mental. We strive for employee wellness and will continue our efforts to ensure that we follow every rule and simultaneously create amazing digital marketing campaigns. 

The organization has strived for excellence and will do every effort that takes it to the pinnacle of success. 

One of our steps in this journey is taking care that our organization is a space where creativity breeds and that will happen only when our employees are happy and healthy. 

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