How orionators can get you business with a perfect user-friendly website

Wednesday, July 29th, 2020

If you’ve ever struggled to summarize your data, services and products and present it in an engaging way, this blog is for you! If you feel like you’re ready to ideate but don’t know where to start making a smooth website—user personas are what you should put the focus on. Such technicalities are the strength of a professional website design company and not any random person can have this insight.

At first glance, any website will look useful—they usually include a headshot, name, services, products, along with information revealing the brand’s thoughts and feelings. While a random website is used to sell the items, personas are used to design websites compatible with your primary users!

A hassle-free website visit is a door to growth!

This blog will talk about how orionators can get you business with a perfect user-friendly website. With an expert and experienced UI UX design company, you can be a one-stop solution from where you can not only engage a customer but even make him or her buy your service or product. This will happen as the target customer will have faith through the superlative and smooth user-friendly experience over the website.

To prove the case, we will take the example of Sunrise Group of institutions

Problems Sunrise Group of institutions was facing due to the website

  • The information available was very unorganized and scattered. Even though the website had the potential to answer all the questions one had to ask, still the answers were not streamlined. The user had to move from one page to another to reach the ultimate answer.
  • The website was also taking too long to upload and because of this, the visitors were searching alternative institutions. No user has much patience to get the page fully loaded and hence fast buffering becomes a deciding factor in the success rate of a website.
  • The highlights, key features and the fact that the institution belongs to the grand Sunrise Group were not highlighted to delight and attract the target audience.

Due to all such reasons where the UI UX design services were not up to date, Sunrise was losing a lot of potential students. User experience and aesthetics play a vital role in the success rate of any product, service or website.

Solutions Orionators provided through UI design services and UX design services

1. To gain the trust of a student as well as to make the scenario more clear regarding his or her future, one always wants to see the institution they are enrolling in. To make this possible for a prospective student without making him visit the institution for real, Virtual Tour feature was annexed on the website.

This makes students save their time, energy and other resources which are needed to visit the college.

2. Orionators’s experienced team figured out that an announcement band is needed on the first page of the website so that no one stays uninformed with some material news. The same was made.

Each time there are new courses available, new seats available, new admission announcements, new requirements for faculty, any important event, or any announcement needed to be made from A to Z, news has to be spread. Each student, teacher or any staff member cannot reach the bulletin board of the college and can read the important notice.

3. In today’s time, social media handles can fetch a lot of popularity to any brand. It is exceptionally important to have a good social media presence so that the people can not only find you but connect with you one-on-one at the click of a button. The website made sure that with just a click, the visitor is able to communicate through social media connections.

4. Moreover, a feature – Life at Sunrise Institution was also added to make students witness how fun, cultured as well as insightful the place is.

5. A student comes to an institution with the motive to enrol into a course and grow his or her career prospects. Sunrise Group of Institutions offers a wide range of courses and wants to keep local students out of the hassle of moving out to receive elite education. Orionators made a CTA in the form of a Drop Down feature from which a potential student could see all the available courses in a series. At the click of a button, the student could choose the course and get ALL the information for the same in a streamlined manner.

6. The website also has attached the brochure so as to cut down on paper waste as well as make it available for everyone. Now the potential student doesn’t Have to contact ex-students or has to visit the premises to fetch the brochure, it is available on the website and can be referred to at any point of time, anywhere with a cell-phone.

7. Affiliations are very important to an educational institution. It speaks volumes about the credibility and reputation of the body. To fetch the trust and goodwill, Orionators made sure to display these affiliations present on the website.

The new website is going to get launched this week itself. Orionators, as well as the Sunrise Group of Institutions, is extremely excited about the response. The digital marketing agency does not simply want the college to attain as many admissions as possible, because that is surely going to happen as the group is a big name in itself. But, we seriously wish to make the life of each visitor easier by making the website as user friendly, smooth and uncomplexed as possible.

Remember, a happy and satisfied website visitor is the one who gets converted into a happy and satisfied customer. If you think your website is not able to grow your business, ponder over the problems and leave it to us on finding solutions through the best digital marketing services.

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