How Orionators gave 200% growth in sale to Miraj Supermarket in 1 day?

Tuesday, July 28th, 2020

Digital Marketing Companies are evolving day by day and new methods of growing and promoting a brand are coming. Though the sad part is the fact that people still somewhat fail to understand the potential of this sector in making your brand the number 1 of your industry.

Traditional methods are still not getting updated by a lot of firms; emails are being marked as spam, sale-oriented PPC ads are being ignored, cold calls are hung up in a few seconds. All these tactics you invest money in give you less outcome.

Amidst such scenarios, Facebook Messenger Marketing has the potential to produce much better results and is really the thing of the future. Facebook Messenger Marketing is a tactic that’s way better than these usual marketing methods and the best thing is that it’s less expensive too. 

Businesses can use Facebook Messenger to provide shopping facilities, customer support, order tracking, etc. and use it as a chatbot to promote their products and services while fetching goodwill through instant customer satisfaction.

Though it can be done with other messaging platforms like Whatsapp, iMessage, etc. Facebook Messenger can be most fruitful for your business.

Facebook Messenger Marketing Scenario in 2020

To be honest, Facebook Messenger Marketing is still at a developing stage and any brand who relies on it now is going to have a bright future. But it’ll be the biggest and mainstream marketing channel for businesses in the next 3-4 years. Let’s see the same through some numbers!

Facebook Messenger has 1.3 Billion+ monthly active users. These users share 8 billion messages a day and 17 Billion photos a month. These statistics should suffice to convince any marketer to use this marketing strategy. But the irony is that only 1% of businesses leverage this platform for marketing.

This blog will talk about how Orionators gave 200% growth to Mitraj Supermarket so that you know why your brand needs to use the same tool ASAP.

Problems Miraj Supermarket was facing

With a straightforward beginning in 1987, Miraj Group has shown colossal growth across the nation accompanied by the turnover of billions. Today, Miraj owns more than 20 group companies in almost every sector.

Due to the same capacity of producing so many goods and services, people simply assumed that Miraj Supermarket keeps only items which have been produced by the parent company in their Supermarkets. Due to the same reason, the sales were less.

People mostly wish to buy daily essentials from different brands. They want to choose from stores which display a huge variety and have everything under one roof so that they can choose the best product from each segment from the brand they think is ideal for the product.

Solutions are given by Orionators through Facebook messenger marketing

With its strategy and experience in the field of Digital Marketing Services, we know what works in which situation. To earn the trust of any person, one-on-one communication is extremely necessary. Orionators knew that Facebook is one platform which the world is using at a crazy rate.

With over 2.6 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2020, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. In the third quarter of 2012, the number of active Facebook users surpassed one billion, making it the first social network ever to do so.

Messages were broadcasted through Facebook Messenger propagating the below-mentioned ideas:

Deal Of The Day –  Hereby, people were told about the products present in the mart, their discounts, their updates, the validity of the discount and all the range of products different brand offered. This continued for a month.

#YahaanSabKuchMiltaHai – Communication around this hashtag was created and was made to reach people through Facebook and other social media platforms like Instagram. Although the age group which goes to supermarkets the most to buy groceries and home essentials were mostly Facebook users. Hence Facebook Messenger worked wonders for this campaign.

Cover images, posts, hashtags all revolved around the theme which stated that the supermarket has ALL necessary essentials you need to run a house and kitchen. Moreover, the word “SAB” laid emphasis on the fact that the store has products of ALL BIG BRANDS and NOT ONLY JUST MIRAJ.

Locations – Through Facebook Messenger Marketing, audiences were made aware of the locations where the store is present so that they could easily go get “SAB KUCH” – anywhere.

Masks – World was hit by a deadly pandemic from the beginning of 2020 which soon lead to a shortage of safety gear – FACE MASKS. Supermarket created a strategy to communicate to the people that when masks were getting over almost everywhere or were being charged unnecessarily high, Miraj Supermarket made reusable, safe and skin-friendly cotton masks available at an extremely affordable price. All the communication was majorly spread through Facebook Messenger Marketing.

Result Miraj Supermarket got through Facebook Messenger marketing of orionators

The plan for building one-n-one communication through Facebook Messenger proved extremely fruitful. Supermarket fetched a lot of engagement, people’s trust and consumers’ attention.

The audience got to know about the fact that the Supermarket is as good as the other big superstores of India. Miraj supermarket has racks full of a wide range of products which are more different brands and hence offers a huge selection choice.

Moreover, the communication telling people about the huge discounts which were given on almost everything caught a lot of fire. Due to the same reason, the sales highly increased and brought along a lot of growth for the Miraj Supermarket.

Future Opportunities for Facebook Messenger Marketing

The door of Facebook Messenger marketing can bring in a lot of opportunities. In contrast, it would completely reshape the way customers will shop, book tickets, make appointments, make payments, book cabs, connect with others, etc.

The future scope of chatbots is quite shiny. If used well on Messenger and Facebook business page, it has the potential to replace websites, eCommerce platforms, payment methods and much more.

Who We Are?

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