How Orionators has been helping the FMCG Industry to grow?

Tuesday, July 21st, 2020

The FMCG(Fast Moving Consumer Goods) can never be substituted as humans consume this in day to day life. These include Processed Foods, Beverages, Dry goods include things such as coffee, tea, sugar and beans, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Over-the-counter Medications, etc. But have you ever noticed, they are not mentioned as much on the digital advertising platforms? What could be the reason? Well, that’s because of the famous misconception that the FMCG is well received on TV advertisements.

The FMCG industry is still investing only 10% of its investment in digital marketing services. A report put forth by the brand equity of the Economic Times mentions that digital marketing is the next big thing for the FMCG brands.

It is estimated that digital marketing is going to influence a whopping 45 billion dollars of sales in the FMCG sector. Which says that 40% of the sales would be driven digitally by the end of 2020. That’s the kind of future this sector holds and can influence the market even more if the right kind of awareness is brought in at the right time.

Understand why everyone is so concerned with Digital marketing!

You would be really thankful for this blog as here we are revealing our golden secret of how Orionators acted as a catalyst to grow all the FMCG clients who approached. Rather than a specific client, the blog will point out general tips and techniques on how to survive and succeed digitally in the FMCG industry. Know why Digital marketing Services can take your brand to new heights:

Demands low investments

Digital marketing campaigns are not as expensive as television ones. These can be operated with just a few clicks. No audience will have to get bored amidst a cool binge-watching session to see the whole advertisement.

These are the kind of commercial gaps that people usually tend to ignore and change the channels. This leads to a lot of improper reachability for the app. But that isn’t the same case as the Digital Marketing Advertisements. You get to play just one ad in the middle.

For instance, while playing on an online platform, whenever we are greeted by some advertisement, we tend to see it until it ends because we know it will last only for a few seconds. We are displayed with the duration and it isn’t too long to worry about getting bored. So the viewer tends to stick to the window and ends up paying attention mostly.

Innovation attracts

It’s a tried and proved fact that innovation always attracts even the most apathetic souls. If you still don’t agree with the fact, then let me give you an instance. Remember the Coca-cola Drinkable Advertising Campaign? If you don’t, let me remind you again. In this campaign, a pouring sound with buzzing bubbles is heard. The interested people could turn on their Shazam application, the app that can sense the sound of pouring, and this sound leads to the digital filing of glass on their phones

Researches had revealed that about 85% of the audience hasn’t tasted coke zero. But this innovative, quick, and crisp advertisement grabbed the attention of the audience to try the product of this super-smart brand.

It Is re-approachable

If you like some commercials and would like to watch it again, then that’s possible with the digital ads. If you miss something on TV then you’d have to wait for a long time before you could see it again. A lot of FMCG brands might lose their potential customers this way. So that’s how effective this field is. That’s the key reason why this field has been the most effective and is expected to take a great hike in the future.

Is specific to the viewer

There are certain things that a particular person prefers, in this case, it’s the customers. The Internet has the power to record all the orders you’ve placed online. It can also save the data on all the things that you love to learn about. Taking these things into its memory, with CRM services, you can revert back with particular choices.

Diverse platforms:

Not just the videos, digital marketing can be done in various ways using exceptional tools and techniques. Online advertisements, search advertisements, email marketing, text marketing, social media marketing, etc.

All of these have different scopes and have a high probability of reaching different sets of people.

The strategies Orionators used to make FMCG client grow?

Branding & Communication Services

Branding communication is a very important aspect for any FMCG sector to create a unique id for their products and to let people perceive what will benefit the brand on a longer run.

Well it’s a journey where we create a complete brand story for your brand and make sure your audience will like it

How we do it We are a research-oriented group of people for whom numbers & data is very important. To create your branding & communication we do

  • Interviews/Surveys
  • Research
  • Outline the requirements & initial designs
  • Discuss with the client
  • Deliver


We design the packaging that can give meaning to your product. Good packaging can add x% addition to your sales.

How do we do it?

  • Interviews/Surveys
  • Research
  • Outline the requirements & initial designs
  • Discuss with the client
  • Sampling
  • Deliver
  • Guarantee at the time of printing.

360-degree Digital Marketing Services

With our intensive research & delivery team, you can also get a sudden increase in your sales and brand value as we are going to make sure below mentioned 6 strategies will be used for our clients

How do we do it?

  • Research about market
  • Plan strategies to meet objectives
  • Find & buy media to promote
  • Refer data to measure the development
  • Use content & Visual creativity to take digital leverage.

Platforms we use:-

  • Social Media platforms
  • Influencer marketing
  • Media buying
  • Visual & Written content
  • Marketing Automation.
  • Video marketing & Content.
  • Campaigns for growth.

Social Media marketing-

Social media marketing services and FMCG brands seem to be a natural match, as multinational brands have found a welcoming environment, both for their ad budget and their engagement with their fans, ever since the path of paid advertising has stepped in the scenario.

Social media is a potent PR tool, which can build brand awareness and fetch the loyalty of customers. Such a strategy should connect with customers on a mental, social, and emotional level.

Video marketing services

A large portion of audiences including the rural class, elderly people, and kids get attracted to videos because that neither requires technical ability nor much knowledge to understand any concept. FMCG’s blend with today’s digital environment enhances the way FMCG products can captivate larger segments of markets through videos and online presence, keeping intact its already strong market position.

How do we do it?

  • We promote your FMCG business via video by following the given process:
  • Understanding the problem statement via funnel examination
  • Identify the bottleneck
  • Understanding the branding guideline & existing audience base.
  • Creation & promotion of videos which will solve the problem
  • Regular measurement.

Key Take-aways

Now you have to decide for yourself! If you want to use the Orion touch to grow your FMGC brand, take free consultancy from us. Take the help of the Expertise of the top digital marketing agency and decide your own sky.

With Orionators – Decide your own Growth

Who We Are?

Orionators is a full-fledged digital marketing company based in India. We are empowered by the vision of Miraj Group and are constantly working towards making brands digitally empowered. If your business needs any kind of support, our panel of experts is always available to serve your business.

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