How Orionators Is Handling The Work From Home

Friday, March 27th, 2020

 Work from home, since its inception has fascinated many employees. It has been glamorized so much that it has become a part of HR policies in many organizations.

Today, while all our employees are working from home, it is not liberty. It is out of sheer responsibility towards their nation when it is fighting against a deadly COVID 19. The situation of the country demands people to stay back at home to stay safe. We too love our employees and gave them work from home for them to stand in solidarity with the decision that has an ultimate benefit for the country.

Work from home is not as easy and fancy as it seems. There are multiple temptations for one to get lured off. Also, while sitting amongst the family, it gets difficult for one to focus on work. Each and every employee at Orionators, one of the best digital marketing agency in Udaipur, is sitting at their homes, clung to their PC’s and laptops, working out doing best for their clients.

Work from Home demands a lot of focus and dedication on the employees’ side and we are thrilled that our people are doing their best!

Thank You Internet

First things first! The one thing that has given ultimate ease to everyone is the Internet. We are all able to give our best and work efficiently only because of the internet. Working in a digital marketing company, everything depends on the internet. Without it, everything would be at standstill.

Every act of creating a digital presence of a client is done online. From SEO to SMM and beyond, strategies are implemented online. Every employee from Head to executives are far away from each other. But the work does not stop and neither do we. Through the internet, we are able to call, see and connect with each other.

How Are We Acing The Game?

The world is at a fast pace but when you are asked to lockdown, the pace slows. But is that true for everyone? No, we do not think so.

It was not easy when we thought about it but because of the cooperation of everyone, we are doing it in the best possible way. Having a connected and loving team always helps! Here is a sneak-peek into our work culture.

What’s the Distance?

We are all connected to each other via calls, emails, and messages. Every day, there are video calls where the team members talk and discuss the workflow. These are professional talks but once we are done, these also turn into funny chat sessions. Why so? Well, everyone misses their colleagues and these calls are a gateway to end their missing feelings.

All Brains At Work

While there is no doubt that every person in the organization is the best at what they do, staying at home is not doing any harm. We are still delivering everything at a time without delay. Also, the quality is not being compromised upon. Everyone is active in the mail system and reports on it. Everyone understands the organization as their own and is working hard to not let us down.

Strategies as per the Need of The Hour

A lockdown for so many days turned our lives upside down too. But would that affect our work? The answer is a big NO! Everyone is online working hard to prepare the best communication and strategies to give our clients the best. We agree we are not sitting together, but we are in it together. Every single day, there are multiple meetings with relevant people and we are pushing our limits to device the best strategies that will work in the current situation. We don’t call ourselves one of the best digital marketing agencies without solid work.

Fun Times With Boss

We know you might be shocked, but that’s what life at Orionators is. We are all a team and a family too. Our WhatsApp and Instagram are filled with memes, current trends and what not what shows how much we love each other and our work. We are missing our fun and our work time together. We are sharing our stories, sending constant updates about what we are doing like what we are eating and even talking with everyone so that we enjoy this time. While there is no office, there is no hierarchy too. We all have a fun time with our boss by sending memes and enjoying the work we do!

Online Games at Night!

Once we are done with the daily work, we are also enjoying our night time by playing online games together. You might say it is not true but we truly are. We are work from home mates now and are binding ourselves better with every fun activity that we can do together.

We agree that this is a tough time for everyone and working from home can be difficult, but if you make it fun, you can make it work.

We at Orionators are trying to work in the best possible way by mixing fun and work together so that work truly is enjoyable and nothing acts as a burden. We are working day and night to provide our clients the best and adding a flavor of enjoyment so that we sleep peacefully!

Having a team that loves your company like its own, is a blessing in disguise!