How Orionators supports the big plans of Digital India

Friday, August 28th, 2020

Launched on 1 July 2015, the Digital India mission was launched to create a digitally empowered society and a smooth flowing economy. The goal was to create a modern India where the community does not have to stand in a queue for basic necessities. The convenience citizens, startups, corporates, regulators & government bodies, fetched in the 5 years through digital mediums is truly remarkable. 

Digital Marketing came as a catalyst in the growth of the Digital India dream. Orionators – one of the best digital marketing agencies has emerged to not only support this idea but to better the life of masses on the whole.

We did this by eradicating the traditional methods of marketing. Traditional methods of marketing included newspaper and magazine advertisements, television ads, hoardings, and much more. Time, money and other resources of Indian businesses were getting wasted because there was no surety whether the message was reaching the ideal potential buyers or not! Advertisements in Hindi newspaper was not reaching a potential buyer who would read English letters only, TV ads were not reaching a person if he had no time to watch television, all did not subscribe magazines, and there were many more innumerable loopholes in traditional marketing!

This is where the power of digital India entered!

How Orionators’ supported the dream of Digital India further?

To talk about how we supported the Digital dream, this blog will take examples of few sectors we have helped to grow. The same are:


Previously the real estate firms were not growing at their full potential because the details of the property, location, pricing everything could not be communicated to the potential customer clearly. The property could be at location A, and the target audience could be at point B. Orionators helped through website development services, social media marketing services, and several other such tools to make it possible for the business to reach the phone screen of all the target audience. Researches were done to evaluate the interested audience so that the resources get invested from where benefits can be reaped.

UI/UX design services have made such crisp websites for our real estate clients that at one go, the visitor can see all possible details about the property cleanly and clearly. What adds as a cherry on top of the cake is “the 360° virtual tour of the location” feature. This allows people to take a look at the property with the minutest of the detail. 


As per the current debate going on, our country is divided about the topic of whether IIT and JEE exams should be held or not. Due to lockdowns, the students are not fully prepared. Costs are involved when one thinks about appearing in these big tests, and these could get wasted if the candidate has not thoroughly studied for the same.

Moreover, conducting examinations with the same old method could lead to the spread and contamination of Covid-19. These exclusive preparation classes now have to go online. 

The education system has already evolved, schools, coachings, universities, and everything in-between have got captured in digital screens now. If this is going to go for long, we need strong online mediums from where students can study. Online teaching portals have to be as strong as one-on-one teaching methods.

Orionators has made it possible for some clients with the help of the superlative digital marketing services.


The biggest reason the foundation of Digital India was laid was to save time, energy, and resources of common crowds. People could stay at their convenience and still do all banking transactions. Orionators have made such precise, crisp, and smoothly functioning websites with UI/Ux services for insurance firms that the purpose has been solved. With content writing services and crisp posts of social media marketing services, we have been able to educate the user about which policies are worth the investment and how can they do the same with comfort.

We have specially catered to this sector to make life easier for senior citizens who can’t go to banks to do daily transactions. Mobile application development services have even made user-friendly and secure applications for some banking sector clients.

In the post COVID world, we have continued to help common citizens and businesses with digital marketing services. Retail, FMCG, Hospitality, and everything you can imagine can now go digital. Our economy looks like its collapsing when the potential buyers are refusing to move out of houses, Orionators wants to flourish the nation again by supporting through digital mediums.