How Orionators survived this Economic Hit Without a single Lay-off?

Saturday, July 18th, 2020

A lockdown, to curb the spread of coronavirus, has seen 122 million Indians lose their jobs in April alone, new data from a private research agency has shown. 

Various companies in India have not released the official data, but CMIE data is widely accepted. The country has been in lockdown since 25 March to curb Covid-19 infections, causing mass layoffs and heavy job losses.

Amidst all this chaos, in May, Orionators powered by Miraj Group made a huge announcement. It was said that the firm will make sure all employees feel safe and secured amidst this panic situation and can be sure regarding the safety of their jobs.

Talking about the lay-off situation, Ankit Deopura, CEO of the agency said, “We have not fired a single employee, and will not even fire anyone due to the pandemic in future.  The economy is falling down at an alarming rate and we don’t want to contribute to it further. The world is going digital, especially in these times of lockdown, brands can find solace only through Digital Marketing. The team is needed to find solutions to pain points of suffering businesses and heal them. We don’t even need driving cost reductions through other means as we are onboarding many clients each day. This is happening because traditional methods of marketing have vanished totally. Orionators simply hopes to make a change and help the nation to revive economies by helping and evolving businesses online”.

Orionators standing strong like ONE-BIG family in times of crisis

The entire world is in huge trouble and if we will not stick together, we won’t win the Covid-19 War. All have been a special part of the company and each has extreme creativity and brilliance. Losing anyone would be like losing a piece of a perfect puzzle.

The expert and experienced team of Developers, SEO Specialists, Designers, and Writers, Social Media Executives, HR Professionals, Business Development Personals or any department for that matter will be incomplete even if one person goes. Each member puts his or her 100% into ideation and process to bring about successful brand evolving plans and actions. Missing anyone is like missing on 1 big idea.

Adding to this Kumar Savino, right brain and Head at Orionators quoted, “The top-level management has not laid off a single employee due to the pandemic and has no plans to lay off anyone because of the repercussions of Covid19, stating that the company would use other levers to drive profitability. The rest of the board members joined in virtually from different parts of the nation. We live in extraordinary times, Covid19 is one of the biggest crises in the last century. The tragic loss of human lives is creating fear and the collapse of economic activity is not hidden from anyone. Many of these changes in tech here to stay. The possibility of work from home is no longer a mere innovative idea. We can expect that virtual, remote, distributed work models can be the ideal means to stop the spread of disease. Orionators are ideally placed to leverage these transformations and have made significant investments to make work-from-home smart, smooth, convenient, and comfortable while being extremely fruitful for company, management, employees as well as clientele.”

How Orionators helped brands to generate business amidst lockdowns?

*Be visible on online platforms*

The world altogether has become sad and frightened with the impact of the CoronaVirus outbreak whether they have been tested positive or not. Most people are finding solace over social media and scanning for tips, techniques, and updates which could bring relief midst this gloominess.

Everyone has understood it clearly that more people are online right as there is nothing much left to do. Even the work from home setups makes you stick to the screens. Search traffic has increased significantly. Non-working masses are also stuck with computers and phones looking for updates within our community. Playing games, finding entertainment, and time killing, all involve the internet. For many, that includes shopping online. Home deliveries have become extremely popular.

Anything available online will be consumed more as soon as the world goes back to normalcy. This is the time to be visible everywhere on online platforms. You SEO strategies to appear at the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). This is not a time for a brand to sob and go in a sorrow mode but to use internet marketing service to delight the customer.

To target more audiences for short-term SEO and PPC campaigns, remember what’s being searched, for now, being vigilant about the type of search results displaying up for a query right now. Create fresh and relevant content accordingly.