How Podcasting can Help you Outrank your Competition?

Thursday, July 4th, 2019

Do you really want to make a difference with your online marketing strategy, but don’t know how to do that? Do you want to improve your business branding but don’t have the knowledge to do that? Well first thing you need to do is hire someone with the knowledge of new findings in the business like us to achieve your business goals. 

Trends and new techniques are important to achieve your goals better than ever before. They keep you in the loop to utilize the most out of the effective platforms using the new algorithm knowledge, trends and practices.   

In so many trends, one trend that recently popped out was of the podcast that helped businesses outrank your competition effectively. So how can you utilize it for better SEO, Link Building and overall business marketing? To help you understand the same here are some pointers. Also, you can contact us for a free digital marketing consultation by which you will finally be able to target your marketing strategy towards brand building. 

1. Traffic generation

Yes, podcasting can help you reach audience. People tend to follow regular podcasts that help them grow or gain knowledge. Diverse topics must be covered in your podcast library and thus hundreds of new members would start enrolling to your site just to listen to what you are saying. 

Infact, according to a study podcast have the power to increase your traffic to about 46% when done regularly and in the right way. Podcast is the deliverer of the traffic more than anything else we recommend. 

2. Build real relationships with your audience

These two-way interactions, allow you develop a real connection with your users and audience, hence loyal customer base is achieved. Podcast can boost your marketing strategy to give away better business benefits. It is knowing the speaker personally to an extent. Consider, like hours or interaction forming of a bond of friendship. This connection can be leveraged in forming loyalty of users your products and services. 

3. Increased conversions

Podcast listeners do convert. Regular podcasting helps people build trust over a particular product and service and also gives you a platform where a large audience is ready to listen to your exclusive offers and services. A totally free of cost, high-resulting marketing method. Digital marketing is not about utilizing a single platform rather various marketing ways and practices to get high engagement.  

4. Direct learning from influencers

People are more inclined on learning from the influencers rather than the book itself. The biggest problem that arises with books is they are a one-way communication tool, and the same can be said about your blogs and the other static marketing material. But with podcasts, they allow you to develop a communication cycle in which a person with doubt can consult you on difficulties.  

Also, if you are giving influencers an opportunity to come down and interact with an already enthusiastic audience, they will never deny as an influencer too is craving for new audience base. Plus, they will help you in cross promoting as you can promote your product services or podcast to their audience too. 

5. Starting Something New

Podcasting is a way to get help for your business, and if you are a startup it will surely help you convey the uniqueness of your product and services to the audience that faces the problem the most. Hence, it is a new beginning where you are able to engage with a large audience base. 


Podcasting has really come a long way from where it was years ago. It is today working as news forecast, entertainment break and of course education for the users. Its growth has been steady but significant and thus, it is believed that podcasting will be an important part of marketing strategy for every big industry. So, what are waiting for, try this amazing marketing tactic now and do share your thoughts and how the tip worked out for your business.