How Rivona Naturals Saw Sales Hike Through Social Media

Friday, June 12th, 2020

The Orion Touch is a blog series through which we at Orionators aim to showcase the crafting process that can bring superior results for clients. This is not some template but our inherent system through which we have scaled businesses online. Be it social media marketing, content efforts, or branding, read along with us the journey towards growth!

In our last blog, we talked about the case study of Miraj Supermarket which faced issues with brand perception.

Today, the read is on advertising strategy for one client.

About the Company


Rivona is a female grooming brand with products made with the infusion of natural and organic ingredients sourced from the best places. These products are under three categories: haircare, skincare, and bath and body. The products aim to simplify body care and support the skin of people with natural healing.

Orionators have been handling various digital marketing needs of the company for long.

Campaign Strategy

While Rivona was active on Instagram for long, the ad campaigns were done with one sole purpose: generating sales.

But, directly hitting customers with product ads was not helpful. So, we devised a strategy and divided the entire campaign into three parts!

  • Getting More Awareness

Videos were created and boosted for this purpose. The objective was increasing brand awareness.


  • Lead Generation and Sales

The next step was going towards sales. Image posts were boosted and redirection was done from clicks to the website’s product page. The objective set used was client acquisition. Have a look at the ads!

  • Retargeting

The next step in the process was retargeting the customers who did not make a complete conversion. Remarketing campaigns were used here.

The ads were run on Facebook and Instagram. The communication used was simple and on point. Product USP’s were highlighted in the copies.  More than 5 products were featured on the adverts!

You can check out the page at Rivona FB + Instagram


With the campaign that ran for around 2 months, Rivona was able to grow in the customer’s mind. After the magic done by experts at Orionators, the brand witnessed more than 4lakh impressions and 3lakh plus reach.

Talking about the main reason for the campaign; sales. Due to the smart implementation of the advertisements, the brand saw a 4X rise in sales.

Is your business also dealing with such issues? Falling sales? Or any other issue?

We can help you!

Who Are We?

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