How to respond to a negative review- Manage Brand’s Reputation!

Saturday, January 16th, 2021

The Internet is one true blessing, and we can’t do without it anymore. Whatever information you need is available at a click. Everything comes with a price and therefore, the information available can be harmful if it’s not in favour of your brand. 

Thankfully, negative reviews are not something which cannot be controlled. It is not flowing water where a dam cannot be built. If you take the help of an expert online reputation management agency, you can be saved from the horror of spoiling your image. Products and services are judged on personal preferences, and which is why no matter how superlative your brand, there would always be someone who would not entirely praise you. If this is the case with your brand too, this blog has come around as a saviour for you. Bad reviews are something which can be handled with professional means.

Today this blog will talk about combating the bad reviews in the smartest, politest and most effective ways. Let’s get started with it now!

Some facts you should know about bad reviews

  • Online reviews are available from various sources, from Google My Business and Yelp to social sites like Facebook and Foursquare. 
  • A survey by Dimensional Research found that 88% of customers were influenced by an online review when purchasing. 
  • According to research by Invesp, 86% of people will hesitate to buy from a business that has negative online reviews.
  • Last year, an article for Search Engine Watch explored research by Brodie Tyler, who analysed 22,000 local business listings, aiming to prove his theory that positive reviews impact local SEO rankings.
  • Top three local search results had an average of 472% more reviews than those in the fourth, fifth and sixth positions. 
  • 66% of the time, the local listing with the most reviews appeared in the first three-pack – providing compelling evidence to support his theory.

Causes of bad reviews:

  1. Experienced low-quality product/service
  2. Had a negative brand experience
  3. Lack of information about product/service

How to make sure you handle the negative reviews with the best reputation management services:

  1. Active social media handles

It is not necessary that you have to be at the wrong end, but do remember that no brand runs for long when you do not have the customer’s love and support. Accept the issue and try to solve the pain point. Be extremely active at social platforms through social media marketing services and respond to any topic raised in real-time. You will at least look that you have got a keen listening ear. It’s important to dedicate the resources to stay active by engaging in conversations and publishing fresh content regularly. As a general rule: not having a profile on a particular network is better than having an inactive one.

  1. Aggressive tools

There are many tools put to the best use by digital marketing agencies to make sure that the brands are brought forward in the best light. Some of the tools can fetch an understanding of your brand’s online presence. These will identify the most influential blogs and news websites that have published content featuring your business in the last few months and show recent mentions from social sources.

  1. Advanced SEO practices

With the help of Google Alerts, you can keep track of new content published about your business. If you do not stay updated about what is being said about you, you will not do anything about the damage done once the ship has sailed. Besides, you can monitor industry news and follow your competitors. Our expert team does this in several ways. One of the most basic practice is to search for a particular keyword and decide how often you want to receive notifications about new content via email.

  1. Get a guide made for reputation management

Some brands have laid down strict guidelines for the public under which it is clearly mentioned which things could be said about them and which cannot be. If you too wish to keep the trouble at bay forever, this could be an excellent way. Content marketing services can be the path through which you cam curate such notices and make them available at the website and all social media platforms.

  1. Private messengers

If you do not wish that more and more people should add on to the online argument and make it a mess, messengers can be a great way to talk politely and heal the wound. For this, a social media marketing agency can help as these executives know the best way to deal in a prompt and polite manner while gaining back the trust of customer or client.

Your goal should be to build an open and engaged community around your product or service as a brand. If your customers’ connection is one of trust and loyalty, this will allow you to weather lousy press much more effectively.

Can’t do much of technical stuff on your own but desperately wish that your brand should have all the goodwill in the industry – Orionators can do an excellent job.

We will make sure that whenever the target audience is searching for you on social media platforms or search engines, only good reviews about your pop-up. Take our excellent online reputation management services now!

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