How to Set Your Business Going During Corona

Thursday, May 7th, 2020

The novel coronavirus has forced everyone to change the way they operated. Economies of the world are in doldrums and all the businesses are now counting costs. The pandemic is not just a standalone risk for business but also amplifies existing vulnerabilities.  Starting from the political environment to the cultural, social, and economic environment, everything is interrupted.

There is no one sector that is facing the wrath of the pandemic.

Investors worry about their money, employees about the job, and shareholders about investments and management about operations. This doubtful situation has affected each and everyone related to your business. Managing your business during coronavirus thus becomes is a vital task!

But the question is, how to do it. No one was actually prepared for this pandemic which has led to ultimate confusion in operations and the way they used to operate. In this time, our blog aims to help every business through our tips.

9 Tips on Managing Business during Coronavirus

This is a big question for everyone and hence here we are! Read along and find answers to all your questions.

  1. Strategize Work from Home

The first thing that should be done is to plan work from the facility so that the operations don’t stop. While not everything can be done from home, every business has some functions that can be performed at home.

 It is crucial that businesses heads plan what and who to give work to. Not only this, but work from the home facility will also keep your employees on their toes, and paying them won’t seem a burden as you will get output. If you are struggling with setting up WFH, go through our blog on managing work from home and it will surely answer all your questions.

  1. Digital Transformation of Business.

New situations call for new strategies. If you still have not gone digital and by that, we mean hiring a digital agency or have an in-house agency, it is the right time. While you may think you are going digital just by social media presence, this is not enough. Digital is not just SMO but has multiple elements like Search Engine Marketing, Automated messages, Push-notifications, and whatnot. While your business might not need all, the right agency will make sure it uses all elements to make you reach your customers; the key to all your revenue and branding. You can go through multiple strategies based on your industry.

  1. Marketing Plans and Budget Constraints

One thing that is must during this crisis is optimizing the marketing plan according to the situations and changing the budget flows. While outdoor, flyers, and multiple things might not work, digital and TV advertising still is working. You need to find the innovative channel of marketing and stay in touch with your customers and forward channel partners.

  1. Plan for Q3 and Q4

Business work with long term vision and planning and that is what you must do. While the initial quarters have seen a downfall, the markets will still open and sales will be done. The business should thus, work on post effects strategy and create plans for the coming two quarters.

  1. Communicate Extensively With Employees

One thing that keeps the business going is a communication regarding rules and policies with its employees. While multiple businesses are slashing their strength, you need to be sure of communicating everything with your employees.

Also, the plans, process, and course of action must be clear to them. The onus lies on the management to make sure the employees stay motivated and work harder!

  1. Revamp Operation for the New Business Environment

Our hopes are high on the fact that we will soon find a solution to COVID and markets will again open. In this situation, every business will experience a new environment for operations, and supply chain management will also suffer as the customers’ habit and behavior is also expected to change.

The strategy and planning by the management must be made keeping in mind this shift.

  1. Incorporate Corporate Communication

Employees and customer communication is never enough in times of crisis. You need to talk to all your stakeholders-both internal and external.

Your business must during this time talk to each and every person relevant to your business and spread optimistic views. Mails, TV talks, official announcements are just a few to say! This will instill trust in you and your business.

  1. Use Time Wisely

If your business was already facing some issues, use this time to sit peacefully and think over them. There is nothing like “small issue” in the corporate world and one must always seek answers. This time that we have, will never come again and demands to be used effectively.

  1. Build a Crisis Management Plan

One thing that this pandemic has taught all of us is to follow the principles of prudence that future losses must always be anticipated and plans must be made for it. You must make your crisis management plan now! We have said it multiple times in our blogs and we shall always focus on this.

EndNote for All of You

Managing a crisis and your business is a tough task. It calls for unnatural leadership, ownership, and decision-making. All businesses must, therefore, think about a crisis plan in advance. For now, we are sure our tips will help you in managing your business and for more of such content stay tuned.

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