Influencer Marketing: Earn Through IGTV with New Feature of Instagram

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

“We are introducing ads in IGTV, our long format video destination. We want to support creators”                                                                                                         -Instagram

The recent update information by Instagram has stirred the entire creator community. Instagram has been a space where people have expressed their creativity and built new careers. The astounding and shocking news created a bustle for the influencer and creator community of Instagram.

The news was rolled out as an official press release by Instagram about how it would support monetizing IGTV videos by badges and advertisements in the video. It will share revenues with the community.

How will IGTV Advertisement Work?


The advertisements on IGTV video will appear at the beginning of the video and will appear in vertical form. The maximum duration of the advertisement can be around 15 seconds. The advertisement will flash only when a follower clicks on the IGTV video from the preview section.

The interesting fact here is that Instagram is ready to share at least 55% of the revenue it earns through the ad with the creators!

There will many updates in this experiment that will happen throughout the year to check out which algorithm works the best for all three parties- Instagram, creator, and their community.

What Is Badges in IGTV/live streaming?

In the recent past, one of the updates on Instagram was about how one could now save live streams as IGTV video. The badges that will be introduced will be purchased by community members. The badges will be placed right next to the fans’ name and he/she will have to stand out from the entire crowd. They will also be rewarded with multiple additional features and special tools. They will initially be available in only a few countries and will take a few months to come to India.

Stand out of the crowd and show your favorite influencer the love!

How Will This Affect The Influencers and Brand

  • More creators will join the platform

Through this one step, Instagram has not only ensured that blood is pumped in IGTV features but also has opened new doors for multiple content creators to use this feature. This will infuse new creators on the platform and gain popularity.

  • It Will Lead To More IGTV Videos and Content Quality

As the feature will lead to monetization, we believe that it will ultimately lead to more videos being created in IGTV format. Moreover, it will also lead to enhanced content as the creators will also know only through the right content, will the advertisements lead revenue that will at the end come to them.

  • Promotional Opportunity For Brands

This also will come as an opportunity for brands that are looking for more avenues to advertise. They get to be first when people view IGTV. For example, if there is a cosmetics brands, they will try to advertise over IGTV video of some beauty blogger, which leads to effective targeting. A win-win for both brands and creators.

  • Biggest platform for Influencer marketing

TikTok and other video applications have risen in the past and through this, Instagram might get back in competition over video format content. We have also found that if this plan works as expected, Instagram will grow as the biggest platform of influencers with multiple business options.

  • Crack deals with brands

If some advertisements with some influencers bring revenue to the brand, it is possible that the influencer may land a deal with the business. This will also make reaching the right influencers easy for the big brands who have been into using influencer marketing as a part of their marketing strategy.


The new update might take time to come to India but surely has built high hopes in the hearts of the creator community of Instagram. If you create the right kind of content, you surely can have bullseye hit on this feature and earn immense revenue for yourself.

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Last week, we wrote about the Binary Policy of advertisement and we promise, we shall keep bringing every new update to you!

Stay Tuned!

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