Instagram Engagement Dropping? Understand The Algorithm Behind!

Saturday, September 19th, 2020

Instagram has been getting used as a massive platform for digital marketing. The portal has stated time and again, that their focus lies in promoting the best content exclusively. Its 2020, and mediocre content is simply going to get lost in the pool of posts at Instagram with its new algorithm.

After its latest updates, many brands are confused regarding the reason for a sudden and significant drop in engagement levels. Now, the algorithm is powered through machine learning and is continuously changing based on new data it receives.

The new algorithm update will need brands to adopt new strategies to work with the flow of the feed rather than against it. To embrace this change and stay at the top of the social media marketing game, this blog is here!

Learn how you can still reach the maximum audience!

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Instagram will pop up the posts of the once with whom you engage the most. If you comment on a friend’s posts a lot or have tagged in pictures with him or her, their account will be a priority for Instagram. The interaction signals to Instagram that they probably fall in your “friends and family” category.

To tell the feed that you love your audience the most, build a strong relationship with the followers. If users see a brand’s content a few times but don’t interact, it signals to Instagram that the offerings are unimportant. That’s exactly why brands need to get in touch with a social media marketing agency who continually posts fascinating stuff— whether it’s on stories or the deed.


The Instagram algorithm predicts how much a user would like a post

Your Instagram feed shows you things as per your interest. If you have liked a lot of make-up videos or posts, that’s what you will see the most in the feed. This prediction is based on your overall Instagram behaviours, including past interactions, searches on the app and more.

Brands should view their post insights and see what posts their metrics are higher on. This is a very technical task though, and hence it is recommended that you get in touch with the best social media marketing agency to do the job for you as the bar graphs are not easy to understand. This will help them determine their follower’s preferences.


The kind of posts you see will also depend on the number of people you follow. The more accounts you follow on Insta, the more options it has to select from. This means that you won’t be able to see everything your followers’ post.

Brands should understand the importance of quality over quantity. With content marketing services and a top-notch design team, get posts made which are genuinely of the highest quality. If your content is unique – it will reach more smoothly to the audience. Brands should spend a little more time understanding exactly what their followers are looking for. Based on these insights, bet content made, which connects with the audience.

Swear with real-time responses. – if someone leaves a comment, complain, praise, DM or anything in-between – do not ignore it!


The Instagram algorithm calculates app usage to determine what your feed will look like. If a person opens the app a few times a day, then they are going to see the top-performing posts.

Brands need to keep the posts fresh, unique and engaging. With the help of professional social media marketing services, start experimenting with new Instagram features to attract the right followers. The expert and experienced teams utilize story highlights, polls, music, quizzes, reels, custom hashtags and much more to keep things interesting. Every time you use a new feature, Instagram sees the effort you’re putting in and shows your content to a broader audience.


Instagram wants to keep the users super updated. This means that more recent posts are likely to be pushed towards the audience. So, it is crucial to post at a time when most of your followers are online.

This is a different game altogether which cannot be won by an amateur. If your brand’s popularity relies on Instagram on an elevated level, get help from professionals only. They can find the personalized best time to post as per your industry and audience. This will help them increase the reach and get higher engagement—relevant hashtags to matter a lot when you talk about a specific industry and the digital marketing scenario.

Instagram has lately become a quiz content where most users are unable to understand how engagement is falling drastically. Hopefully, this blog has been able to debug the New Algorithm! If you’re looking to increase your Instagram engagement, we are always here with the most updated Social media Marketing strategies to win over Instagram Analytics.

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