Internet Marketing 101: What is Digital Marketing – Start to Finish Guide

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

You are right the article is not going to encapsulate the gigantic world of digital marketing into some 1500 words. But surely it will serve as a head start to help you understand what digital marketing is and how to practice it to become a digital marketer.

Digital marketing has become an important aspect of the marketing strategy of any business, no matter the size and niche they serve. In fact, it is overpowering the other methods of marketing.  It is a skill that is most required today and the experience and knowledge not easily found in the ho-hum of thousands of un-worthy digital marketing companies.

It is a skill to have and practice to perfect for the coming few years. No matter you are a business person, an entrepreneur, a service person, or just a student given the breakthrough you can easily achieve it. It is a way that sets you apart from the traditional and quaint marketing ways.

So, learn digital marketing with us, this is our ultimate beginner guide to online marketing. Without further ado, let’s begin…

It is as simple as that

One of the simplest ways to define digital marketing by saying, “it is all-so-simple and all-so-godly strategies put together and applied online to market your products and services.”

Now don’t get us wrong, marketing here can hold a lot of meanings. Digital marketing today as we know can be connected to your various business goals. It can be lead generation, brand-building, sales, educating and so on….

So, every time you follow a brand or influencer on Instagram, see an ad on Facebook, click a display ad on your favorite website, share something on your page or just Google something you are somehow engaging on the other side (the consumer-side) of the digital marketing process.

Now to make a transit to the marketer side, here are some keepers.

It is Very New and it has Already taken Over the Traditional!

Marketing is all about connecting to the audience, sorry to more accurate and filter it, it is all about connecting the right audience. The one that buys and has a lot to profit your business and the best place to find them in large quantity, to bundle them and turn them out is digital platforms.

The internet has become a part of our daily lives, and ecommerce has totally changed the shopping experience and behavior on a global level. Today digital marketing is reigned and gives measurable results.

Fundamentally digital marketing works by identifying the right audience on the interactive platforms, subliming them to create customized marketing strategies and ultimately convincing to buy your product.  Since there is a larger audience involved and personalized marketing has to be done, the digital marketing practices are a lot different than traditional.

So, the first thing as a beginners guide to digital marketing this article includes is the components involved in digital marketing.

1. Filtering your audience from the global population

The internet definitely allows you to get access to the massive population, but still, it all comes down to lead generation. So fine-tune yourself to the audience that is more likely to use your services/ products. Parameters such as demographics, region, age, gender preferences, etc. will come handy in the process.

2. Audience Interaction

The response is instant. You see the passive marketing tools such as radio, television and others don’t leverage you the benefit of getting feedbacks. Infact, they are so slow in that. However, with likes and shares, you are able to study the reaction easily.

3. Multiple channels in sync

Digital marketing strategies are made to tap multiple channels. From websites to YouTube to social media platforms, to emails, the right strings are to be stroked and viola! You are so much closer to achieving your goals.

4. Online Marketing Events

Multiple events and campaigns can help you in engaging your audience for a longer time. Conferences, conventions, product demonstrations, webinars, interviews, videos there is so much scope of the engagement. The most trending of them all nowadays is live sessions.  

Skills You Need to be Digital Marketer

The skills you need to devise the best digital marketing strategies for running any campaign include the holy trinity- SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing. So let’s directly dive in.  

1. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

We won’t be surprised if you have already heard the term. But we are sure even after 10 articles you have browsed to learn it or know about it, you have no definite clue to do it.

In layman jargon, it is a marketing term or skill that makes sure your online content is ranking up on Google to reach people. Simple next time when you are browsing something on Google, Bing or Yahoo and find an article that ranks first, just know there is someone behind the screen who has done a hell of a great job.  

So, SEO practices are applied to various contents. Other than just blog posts they are don’t for sales pages, product descriptions, Websites, and lot others. Some of them even include a lot of technicalities, for example, coding and site tweaks are done for websites to improve their engine indexing and rank up on organic searches.  

The work of SEO expert includes Keyword research, Web traffic analysis, ranking Strategy creation, and implementation. As a beginner, it is good to gain a general idea through online material. For technical prospects, you can take a free session at Orionators- School of Learning.  

2. Content Marketing

It is one of the most important of the holy trinity of Digital Marketing (SEO, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing).  No guide to digital marketing can be completed without it and no person can become content marketing strategist by eloping it.

So it is an art of creating and delivering content to the audience on a regular basis. And it is a lot more than just information material. Some of the best content marketing aspects are optimizing the blog to help improve the ranking of the website, attract relevant users and enhance your site score. It helps in advertising and converting the users by serving the users the sense of added value in their lives.

The right process to curate a content is to write it like a story, make their experiences, convince them on how the product will resolve their problem and finally end it a motivational point- a moot point that gives your product an upper hand in the competition.

Content marketing includes Blog posts, eBooks, Video Content, Podcasts, Marketing emails and more. Also with the advancements in graphical content segment content marketing is also adapting it very fast.

Also to study content marketing more deeply, you can refer our informative blog on content marketing, revealing content marketing from the very core including definition, and complete beginner guide to content marketing.   

3. Social Media Marketing

Social Media is so much important. There is so much online mass available on social media. And you know what it is not always about the awkward comment fights. It is a powerful tool for posting some meaningful content for a change other than a sleeping cat meme.

To have a strong online presence is very important and it will be like an unclosed circuit of communication. It is the engagement you need and wants at any cost. It is also not just a way to engage the users already connected to you but also with social media ads you are able to attract new users by giving a follow link on your website blog, your guest blogs and more.  

It is also a thing that dovetails with your SEO practices. With this blog articles and product pages on your websites, you promote them for new views with SEO optimized content to improve your website ranking. And it is only a beginning there are hundreds of tricks up our sleeves that can help you rank so much better. Saying that you can also enroll in our new batch starting soon at Orionators- School of Learning to master the art of digital marketing and using more tricks like this for better results.

Learn More at Orionators!

What is digital marketing hopefully, we have been able to clear your mind about it in this article? However, this is just a simple, sweet and too small overview. Digital marketing cannot be concluded in some words, it is something you need to learn from the core to know it in-depth.

There are lucrative opportunities opening in marketing now and it is one of the best ways to rocket your career. It is not a side skill but a must have skill in your resume and you can achieve it all at Orionators- School of learning. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and also you can consider us for digital marketing your brands, products and services.